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How it Works

How it works - step 1

Choose your box plan 

There are options for all ages and every taste: choose the one that you like best!

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Your delivery arrives

Each month we will send you a new exciting box. You can pause or cancel at any time.

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Discover what's inside

In each box you will find unique items plus a guide to help you enjoy your experience - fun times ahead!

Me Time
Me Time

Every “Me Time” series from Betterly is passionately designed to take you on a journey, box by box, where you can explore new interests and get in touch with yourself.

We Are Betterly

Hello! We are Betterly. We think that free time is so important that we wanted to celebrate it. To enjoy life, we all need to take a break sometimes – a moment to unwind, to discover something new and to reconnect with ourselves. Join us and take your time offline.

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With Betterly, you can discover the world starting from your living room. Choose from our full range of fun and entertaining experiences, always interesting and never the same. And you’ll also have something exciting to talk about over dinner with your friends. If your time is precious, your ‘you’ time is even more (so)!