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Here is our idea of Bettertainment: 
a kind of entertainment, that is not to fill a void 
between the desk and the rest, 
it adds meaning to free time,
your most valuable currency.

It's a self-discovery journey
that leads you to a
more conscious life
that is worth living first hand.

It’s funny what's happening to all of us.
Our lives become digital.
Our friends, virtual.
And everything we want to learn
is just a click away.
Experiencing the world through
filtered second-hand information
isn't enough.

We'll never discover our full potential 
unless we push ourselves out of the online zone.
And have some real fun, along the way.
If we want a fuller life,
we have to turn it on 
out of the box
feel real vibes
switch the media noise off.

At Betterly, we are real.

We take life seriously, 
but we don’t take ourselves too seriously…

This journey is for you, a real person.
Eager eyes over rough paper
Crafting hands on tactile materials.

Our stories are written by people like you 
for people like us

not optimised for search engines.

“Airplane Mode On” to fly higher 
than the antennas on our roofs.
Push your mind to learn, discover, 
get curious, and wonder.