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Best Crystals for Protection + How to Use Them

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In this article, we’ll introduce the ins and outs of using crystals for protection, along with suggesting four powerful protection crystals to get you started!
  1. What Kind of Protection Can Crystals Offer?
  2. Top 4 Crystals for Protection 
  3. How to Use Stones for Protection
  4. How to Get Started with Crystals

Crystals have been used for a variety of purposes throughout cultures and time. 

Eckhart Tolle describes the crystal as the enlightened mineral or rock. Some even describe them as conscious or living. 

Each holds a vibration that can directly influence a human’s vibration, energy field or even physical well being for the better. 

As a result, it is common for people to use crystals for protection. 

What Kind of Protection Can Crystals Offer?

There are a variety of types of protection that crystals can offer. 

For example, they can help to strengthen your aura, thus creating an energetic strength against negative energies. Or a protective crystal can help to protect against psychic attacks, dark magic, or bullying. They can help you strengthen your boundaries in general, to prevent unwanted and damaging encounters.

In addition to energetic protection and psychic protection, they can also provide physical protection. A traveler’s stone, for example, might keep you safe against thieves and others who may mean you harm along your journey.

There are literally dozens — maybe hundreds — different kinds of protective crystals out there. Let’s look at four of the most popular and loved stones for protection. 

Top 4 Crystals for Protection 


Also known as Aurora Borealis stone thanks to the spectacular range of colors and how they shift in light, labradorite is a powerful protection stone. It creates an energetic shield around you that simultaneously strengthens your inner powers and deflects negative thought forms that would drain your energy.

Labradorite absorbs heavier, negative energies quickly, so it will need to be cleansed often to maintain its efficacy. To cleanse, you can run it under water or let it sit in salt water overnight.  


Obsidian is a dark, opaque, black stone formed from lava. Many protection crystals are black as it is a protective colour that hides you from danger like a cloak. Obsidian will secure the aura, sealing any leaks or holes. It can be worn by highly sensitive people to protect against stressful encounters. 

Traditionally used by early peoples for knives and arrowheads, obsidian is a stone that makes a very sharp edge. This sharp edge can be used metaphorically to cut out energetic attachments, chords, and negative influences.  

Obsidian, also known as mirror stone, can be used to protect you against your own harmful thinking. It can also bring up deep, unobserved shadows within your own psyche, in order to process and heal them. 

Because obsidian absorbs negative energies — both your own, that of others, and environmental pollutants — it should be cleansed often under running water. 


Amethyst, a beautiful violet crystal, is named for a Greek myth. 

In the myth Dionysus, the god of drink and revelry, was angry about an insult and decided to exact revenge on the first person he met. The first unfortunate person happened to be a girl named Amethyst. Amethyst was on her way to worship at the temple of Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the wild, and the moon. 

When Dionysus sicked his tigers on Amethyst, she called out for protection and Artemis turned her into a clear crystal. Dionysus, regretting his actions, poured wine over the crystal as a blessing. The wine coloured the crystal the beautiful purple hue we see in this stone.

Just as Amethyst the girl received protection from the tigers, so amethyst the crystal provides protection. It has been worn by both travelers and soldiers to protect against harm.

However, amethyst also contains serene energy, and will purify the aura, cleansing it of any negative influence, while creating a protective energetic field around the person who wears it. It can help to soothe repetitive thinking loops and provide a sense of emotional safety. When placed beside your bed, it will protect against nightmares. 


Tourmaline, another of the dark black stones, will simply swallow heavy, negative energies. It is one of the best crystals for protection. 

Also known as schorl, it was even supposedly used by magicians to protect against demons. Wear it in public to shield against emotional and psychic toxicity. It even blocks radiation and environmental pollutants.

Another common usage for tourmaline is to place it by the front door. A large specimen is ideal for deflecting any negative or stressful energies that you bring home with you at the end of the day. It will purify you as you come home and keep out the unwanted vibrations.

How to Use Stones for Protection

It’s all well and good to acquire protective crystals, but how do you actually use them? There are a variety of ways to utilize crystals. 

Here are four ways to get you started:

How to Get Started with Crystals

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