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Brilliant Gifts for Dad from Local UK Businesses

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If you’re stuck for ideas to shower your dad with love this year, we’re here to help! Check out some brilliant ideas for gifts for dad.
  1. The Best Gifts for Dad from UK Businesses in 2021
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Buying the right present for the ones we love is always a challenge, and often dad is the hardest family member to buy for. After all, what do you buy the man who has everything?

We’ve come to your rescue with this list of thoughtful and unique gifts for dad. You’re sure to find the perfect present for your dad, no matter his tastes and interests.

We’ve picked out some fantastic products that will not only spoil dad rotten, but also come from UK businesses. This is a great way to support local businesses and share the love during a difficult economic period for many small businesses.

The Best Gifts for Dad from UK Businesses in 2021

First we’ll share some of Betterly’s curated experiences boxes that are perfect dad gifts. The best part is, these boxes will continue to delight your dad month after month!

Cooking with Fire

Some of the best presents for dad involve food, and barbecuing in particular. Betterly’s Cooking with Fire series is perfect for the aspiring barbecue master.

This series will teach dad everything he needs to know about that sacred ritual of barbecuing, allowing him to enjoy that unique sizzle of cooking with fire and make some truly delicious food. 

Along with detailed instructions and hundreds of pages of recipes, the series contains fabulous spices, marinades, and exotic salts to make the perfect barbecue meal.

They Got Blues Box

If your dad is a fan of soul music then they’ll love our They Got Blues series. They’ll be taken on a journey through the sorrowful sounds of the blues which changed the world of music, and the world in general.

Along with 18 masterpiece vinyl records with more than 18 hours of music, dad will learn the fascinating history of the style through nine maxi-format booklets and stunning artists’ illustrations from the period.

Beard Care 

Betterly’s Beard Watch series is one of the best gifts for any dad who loves his facial hair.

There’s no doubt that beards are in style, but a strong, healthy beard takes loving care and attention. Help dad to keep his beard clean and tidy, as well as style it perfectly to suit his face shape, with these beard products, tools, and guides to the perfect beard.

He’ll learn everything he needs to know from the history of this all-male hairstyle to the secrets of the ultimate beard-care routine, as well as getting all the tools he needs to create his own regimen.

We’ve also found more brilliant gifts for dad from UK businesses — let’s take a look!

Personalised Cufflinks

Why not surprise your dad with these cufflinks with a difference from Charlie Doodle? Custom made to your requirements, the cufflinks feature vintage-style map snap shots.

You can choose two different locations — one for each cufflink — so why not choose places that are precious to your dad, or hold a special significance to the two of you? Charlie Doodle can create custom items from almost any location worldwide, working from hundreds of different maps.

The silver-plated cufflinks are made from components sourced from reputable suppliers and made fairly.

Bamboo Socks

Socks are one of the classic presents for dad, but they don’t have to be a cliché if you buy something unique, like these cute dog socks from We Are Thought.

The pack comes with seven socks, each made from a bamboo blend that is super soft and eco-friendly. Because bamboo is antibacterial and antifungal, these are sure to keep dad’s feet clean and dry.

Cedarwood Hair Clay

This is the perfect gift for any dad who takes pride in styling his hair. This hair clay from Rugged Nature will keep the most unruly locks in order and nourish hair follicles at the same time.

The product is handmade in the UK from natural and vegan ingredients, including kaolin clay, shea butter, and apricot kernel oil.

Skin Care Bundle

When it comes to gifts for dad, skin care may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  However, more and more men are realising that a proper skin care routine is not just for women.

Skin & Tonic’s Calm Bundle contains a cleanser, de-stress mask, and balm to give dad all-round clean, healthy, and glowing skin. Why not pamper him a little after such a stressful year?

Whisky Tasting Set

If your dad is a whisky fan, why not treat him to an indulgent tasting set?

This whisky tasting set from Masters of Malt contains five 30mL drams of whisky, each sourced from fine producers. The drams come from producers including Glen Allachie, Highland Park, and Deanston’s organic offering, and include both scotch and bourbon whiskey.

This is an amazing gift for any whiskey connoisseur, or aspiring whiskey drinker who’d like to explore different tastes! If whiskey isn’t to your dad’s tastes, Masters of Malt also have other great gifts sets, from gin to rum.

Sustainable Face Mask

Face masks have become an essential accessory, and things are likely to stay this way for much of 2021. Brothers We Stand’s sustainable face masks will keep Dad both safe and fashionable with their stylish masks.

The masks have elasticated straps to keep them secure and are pleated at the front for comfort.

Bamboo Scarf

Bamboo is a wonder material: it keeps you cool in warm weather and toasty warm in the cold as well as being strong, soft, and sustainable. Bamboo Clothing’s merino and bamboo scarf is a mix of bamboo and merino wool to create an extra-cosy scarf that is also effortlessly soft.

Gift dad a stylish scarf this year that will keep him warm all winter long while being super comfortable. This scarf is not only incredibly soft, but this blend of materials is non-itchy even to the most sensitive skin.

As an extra bonus, this product is made from sustainable bamboo that means Dad can look fashionable while looking after the planet at the same time!

Get Your Unique Gifts for Dad Today

We hope you’ve found this round-up of gifts for dad useful, and you’re now armed with ideas for the perfect present.

If you’re looking for more gift inspiration, take a look at our full range of box plans.

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