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Best Hobbies for Couples to Have Endless Fun Together

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The best hobbies for couples are not only a great way to spend time, but will also bring you closer and strengthen your relationship.
  1. Find the Perfect Hobby for Both of You

If the most exciting thing you and your partner have done together in recent memory is binge the entire first season of Bridgerton in one weekend, then maybe it’s time to take up a joint hobby. 

Every couple is different, but spending quality time together is undoubtedly the foundation of a strong relationship.

The best hobbies for couples are not only fun and interesting ways to pass the time, but they also bring you closer together. There are so many fun-filled activities that couples can do together to strengthen their bond. Some will even let you learn a cool new skill at the same time, not to mention keep that all-important spark alive!

Fun and Unique Hobbies for Couples

1. Learn to Paint

Not only will getting artsy let you unleash your inner Vincent Van Gogh (without the cutting off your own ear part), but it’s also a great way to connect to your partner on an emotional level. 

Colours and artistic expression help you to explore our emotions: that’s why art is being used more and more as a form of therapy. In the same way, getting creative with your partner helps us work through what you’re feeling, bringing you closer together.

Couples can also go out on a painting date by finding an art class or Sip and Paint evening near you. Even better, set up your own painting date at home with the help of Betterly’s Paint and Color series. Let your creative juices flow and before long you and your partner will be recreating that scene from Ghost.

2. Take Up Yoga

You may already know that yoga is a fantastic way to spend some “me time”. Why not make this “us time”? 

Yoga is traditionally an individual practice but practicing it jointly with your partner has a number of benefits. Couple yoga encourages you and your partner to relate to each other physically and emotionally through shared poses. From encouraging touch to building trust, yoga can have explosive impacts on your relationship that go far beyond the physical benefits.

Couples yoga involves working together to reach common goals, forming habits that will help you in other parts of your relationship. It will boost the trust and communication between you and your partner, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve intimacy and satisfaction!

3. Get Busy in the Kitchen

Making (and eating!) delicious food with your partner makes you feel connected and content, making cooking one of the best hobbies for couples. Cooking together means you and your partner have to work together as a team, and get to enjoy the results together when you make a tasty meal.

Even better, cooking is a sensory experience that is all about flavours, aromas, colours, and textures. You can share your expertise and skills with each other while learning about your partner’s taste buds and experiencing the joy of food together. 

You can combine the excitement of barbecuing over a live flame with exotic flavours with our Cooking with Fire series.

4. Get into Nature

Getting into nature makes us happy. Studies have shown that spending time in nature improves our mental health, and it is sure to boost your collective happiness as a couple too! From going out for short walks in the countryside to spending a weekend camping under the stars or even taking a trip together to a stunning natural location, connecting with nature can also let you connect with your partner.

Spending time in the great outdoors encourages you to grow as a couple as well as rejuvenating your relationship. Retreating into the wilderness means it’s just you and your partner, without the stresses of everyday life and screen-based distractions. This is a great way to spend quality time together and set up new, healthier patterns of behaviour. So put on your hiking boots, dig that old bike out of the garage, and get into nature with your partner.

5. Stargaze

Take a break from gazing at your smartphone and gaze at the stars instead. Stargazing is both romantic and completely free. The darkest nights away from urban centres and light pollution are the best conditions to enjoy the magnificence of the night sky. You never know when you’ll spot a meteor or see a falling star and make a quick wish together.

Take the experience a step further by learning about the various stars you can spot along with your partner. Cuddle in with your partner, munch on some popcorn, and look for the different constellations or try to locate you and your partner’s star signs. There are around 5,000 stars that can be seen with the naked eye. 

While you are delving into the cosmos you can also learn how to explore the Zodiac with our Power of Divination series.

6. Music and Dance

Music is great for your emotional state and this is even more effective when you move your body to awesome tunes. There is a wealth of research showing how dancing improves our mental wellbeing, and of course our physical health too! 

Singing karaoke, taking dancing lessons or exploring a new style of music are excellent couples hobbies to spice up your relationship by sharing a positive experience together. 

Learning dance steps together or singing duets can help rekindle the romance that may have been pushed aside in the midst of your busy schedules.

7. DIY

Getting your hands dirty with a DIY project is a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship while also having fun. 

Whether repainting your bedroom, putting together a piece of flat-pack furniture, or making fun decorations to brighten up your space, you’ll be working as a team while spending quality time together. Not to mention that you'll also make your home a more comfortable and pleasant place to be, which can only be good for your relationship! 

If a big DIY project seems like biting off too much to chew, start with something small and work your way up from there.

8. Gardening

Gardening is known to reduce stress and depression. This is also a great activity to do together with your partner, as growing and nurturing life is an excellent bonding activity. 

You don’t have to have a huge space to cultivate your green thumbs. There are many easy ways to create a garden in a small patio, balcony, or even a window box. Whether you want to grow beautiful flowers or start a veggie patch, you can have little of everything growing in your own little Eden.

Find the Perfect Hobby for Both of You

There are so many hobbies for couples that you can take up with your partner. Of course, we all have different tastes and not every hobby will suit everyone. Try a few things out to find something that you both love to do, and more importantly love to do together. Bonding over a shared hobby is sure to strengthen your relationship.

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