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11 Crafty Bottle Art Ideas to Upcycle Your Empty Wine Bottles

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Don’t let your empty wine bottles go to waste — repurpose them into elegant bottle art with this list of upcycle ideas!
  1. 11 Wine Bottle Art Ideas

Do you have piles of empty wine bottles that you just don’t want to throw away? Wine bottles are pretty — especially the oddly shaped or colored varieties. Luckily, there are loads of wonderful ways to upcycle glass bottles: create bottle art! 

It might sound a bit quirky, but you can create some very elegant household accoutrement. So why not take advantage of the lovey shape and visual of glass bottles by repurposing them into artistic fixtures for your home.  

Some of these ideas are more involved than others, but they’ll certainly get your wheels spinning for fun DIY projects the night after your next dinner party (or all those wine bottles you’ve accrued on your own during lockdown, we don’t judge!).

11 Wine Bottle Art Ideas

Pretty Vases

Perhaps the most obvious way to repurpose bottles is to use them as vases for flowers. The graceful bottle necks look simply lovely holding flowers, whether fresh or dried! 

And, there are lots of ways to make your repurposed bottle vases look unique: incorporate a bottle decoration such as glitter, beads or paint. You could saw off the top of the neck for a wider opening. (More on these ideas below.) 

Credit: curated.flowers

Wall Vases

Take your vase art up a notch by attaching them to the wall with clamps! 

Credit: thyme for cocktails

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint has a fantastic quality that creates a matte finish. It is often used to create ultra modern looks, but can also be manipulated to create a distressed farmhouse look.

It is easy to work with because it doesn’t drip and it adheres nicely to just about any surface — including glass! It can utterly transform your bottles into looking like they are made from clay. 

You can absolutely incorporate chalk paint into any of these other projects too! 

Credit: Crafts by Amanda  

Candle Holders

Turning your empty bottles into candle holders is a quick way to add a bit of atmosphere to your evenings. Wine bottle candle holders create an aura of mystery and romantic enchantment. Simply grind a tapered candle into the top of your wine bottle and enjoy the way the wax drips down the sides. 

As with the vases, you can attach them to the wall for an extra gothic look. 

Credit: Wine Wicks and Gifts 

Another Kind of Candle Holder

Another way to incorporate candles — saw the bottom off the wine bottle and put pillar candles within. The light through the glass is beautiful. 

Credit: Buzzfeed

Lamp Base

Another cool idea for old bottles is to create a table lamp. It is a much simpler project than it sounds — you’ll just need the wire and the lamp shade. This project is a good candidate for the above-mentioned chalk paint — you could make some pretty great designs.  

Credit: Lana Red Studio

Drinking Glasses

Sawing your wine bottles in half can expand your upcycling possibilities even further. As mentioned above, you can make all kinds of vase styles by cutting at different locations, as well as candle toppers. 

A favorite project is to turn your wine bottles into drinking tumblers. You can find wine bottle cutters on the web. Basically, you’ll score a line and then dunk the bottle in boiling water followed by ice water to gently break it at the line. 

It will be fairly smooth if cut correctly, but always be sure to sand down the edges to prevent any sharp edges or cuts. 

Credit: Georgia Pelligrini

Dish Soap Dispenser

Spruce up your kitchen a bit with a good looking dish soap dispenser. Just pick a bottle you like, clean it out, fill it with dishwasher liquid, and attach it with an old olive oil spout for easy soap dispensing. You could even etch a label into the glass, as in this photo. 

Credit: Living Well Spending Less 

Decorated Bottles: Glitter!

It can be fun to simply decorate your bottles any which way — either for their own artistic ambiance, or to incorporate into one of the other projects mentioned here. 

Metallic spray paint looks very modern chic, or up the glitz game by spraying the bottle with adhesion spray and rolling it in glitter.

Credit: decor.buyshoes

Beaded Bottles

Just another decorative idea! Get as complicated as you want, gluing on beads and other pretty bits. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to decorating glass bottles!

Credit: birdap.com

Glass Fence

A much more involved project, but worth it if you have the space: build a fence or a wall with old bottles! It will provide a bit of privacy and is a beautiful whimsical sight — not to mention that when the sun shines through it at the right angle, it will create a rainbow of light!

Credit: Instructables.com

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