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15 Beautiful and Easy Bullet Journal Fonts to Try Out

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Add easy flair to your journal with creative bullet journal fonts. Here are 15 ideas to get you started!
  1. Why Would You Want to Incorporate Different Fonts?
  2. 15 Fun Bullet Journal Fonts to Try Out
  3. Bubble Font
  4. Serif
  5. Symbolic
  6. Faux Calligraphy
  7. Leafed
  8. Broad Edged 
  9. Arrows 
  10. Spooky
  11. Elongated
  12. Flower Filled
  13. Gradients
  15. Spirals
  16. Extravagant 
  17. Hippie
  18. Prehistoric
  19. Get More Bullet Journal Ideas With a Subscription Box

The beautiful thing about bullet journals is how much you can personalise them. From choosing your favorite spreads, to playful drawings interwoven throughout. One of the best ways to add easy flair to your journal is through creative bullet journal fonts.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of fonts in the world, with new ones being developed all the time. Fonts are essentially representations of the alphabet a la mode. Dressing our letters up in a particular style can evoke different feelings. 

What sort of font are you drawn to? Colourful, bubbly font? Or skinny, minimalistic font? Big looping fonts that make you feel lazy and at ease or stiff, professional fonts for serious writing? Perhaps you like super stylistic fonts or geometric fonts that make you think. 

Whatever your flavour, whether it is flowy or compact, simple or complicated, there are plenty of fonts to play with.  

Why Would You Want to Incorporate Different Fonts?

Using different fonts is not strictly necessary for keeping a bullet journal. But here are a few reasons why you might want them:

Are you ready to dive in and start playing with fonts? 

Here are some beautiful and fun fonts to get you started. Some of them are quite common, classic sorts, while others are rather more unique. Use them and build off of them. You’ll soon find that lots of cool font ideas will begin to percolate in your imagination. Go with it!

15 Fun Bullet Journal Fonts to Try Out

Bubble Font

Bubble letters! Who doesn’t remember drawing bubble letter notes in the corners of notebooks during class? It’s a girly, fun, bubbly throw back — and it never gets old! Fill your bubbles with whatever colours and designs you want. Use Wite-Out, as pictured here, to make them look squeaky clean!

Credit: Rosyestudies


Want the clean, crisp look of a classic font? Try Serif. It’s not too difficult and looks nice and tidy!

Credit: sidereallife.com


This is a fun example of how far out you can get with your fonts — practically creating new symbols in some cases. 

Credit: happybulle

Faux Calligraphy

Who doesn’t love the graceful strokes of calligraphy? If you know real calligraphy, well... props to you. For the rest of us, faux bullet journal calligraphy will work just fine. It might be cheating, but it looks gorgeous! 

Credit: diaryofajournalplanner


When in doubt, leaf. Adding a bit of botanical detail nearly always goes over well. 

Credit: happybulle

Broad Edged 

Add some edge to your font — literally. Making one side extra wide is easy to do and offers up countless possibilities. You can draw little detail art inside the extra edge or fill it with cascading colors, as pictured here. This is a particularly pretty example of a simple design that still looks ultra cool. 

Credit: themonsterofstationary


Arrows are very on trend right now. And it’s no wonder — they look cool, they’re fairly easy to draw, and there is so much you can do with them. 

Credit: behance.net


Nothing like a good old dripping-with-blood font — or a font with gnarled edges and claws — or a font that is simply shaking from fear — to bring out the creepy effect. Hey, sometimes you might just be feeling a bit haunted, and this font is just what you need. 

Credit: therevisionguide


Long and slim, the elongated font looks minimalistic and modern. There is always somewhere in your bujo for this sort of font. 

Credit: fontsquirrel

Flower Filled

This may not look like one of the easy fonts to draw, but the beauty is that it looks quite complicated while actually being rather simple. True, it takes time and you have to be in a detail-oriented mood, but it looks absolutely lovely!

Credit: madebytherat



Ok, gradients isn’t strictly a font in itself, but it can be incorporated into any font, such as this block cursive style. Just pick three colors that are close to each other on the color wheel and let them fade into one another.

Credit: studyofsyl


You can always add some spirals for a bit of pizzazz. 

Credit: colorthealphabet


This is a rather languid font that doesn’t mind taking its time. Like it’s lounging on a chaise lounge. A good one for when you’re feeling posh. 

Credit: creativemarket


On the other end of things is the font with flowers in her hair. This tie-dye funk font is just another hippie spin on block letters. 

Credit: mypeachnotes


Get creative imagining ancient or alien writing systems. This font looks almost tribal and it’s easy to imagine it on a cave wall. 

Credit: Behance

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