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How to Make a Bullet Journal Future Log + 15 Template Ideas

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Organise your thoughts and goals using a bullet journal future log. Get inspired with 15 creative templates.
  1. What is a Future Log?
  2. Why Do I Want a Future Log?
  3. 15 Bullet Journal Future Log Template Ideas
  4. Want More Guidance with Your Future Journal? Betterly Can Help!

Ever feel like there are so many spinning parts in your life that it is hard to keep track of your own thoughts? The bullet journal future log is a fantastic way to keep all your year in one conveniently visual place — thus helping you stay organised, focused, and present.

Need some inspiration for making your bullet journal future log? We’ve got you covered with 15 awesome templates to fit every style. Mix and match or use these ideas to brainstorm your very own special design!

What is a Future Log?

A future log is bullet journal yearly spread. In other words, it is a calendar laid out over a single page or a couple of pages. It is a perfect way to see months in advance. You will in fact be able to see the entire bullet journal year at a glance. 

You will typically put your future log at the very beginning pages of your bullet journal. It is the big picture, condensed into an easy reference. You can create more detail for each month further into your journal.

Why Do I Want a Future Log?

A future log offers a few benefits: 

For one thing, a BuJo future log will help keep you organized. You can include birthdays, holidays, and all the important appointments for the coming year, so you don’t forget. 

It also makes planning much easier since you will have a quick reference to all the big events in store for the year.

In addition to being an organisational must, a future log is also a helpful tool for goal setting. It can be indispensable for tracking progress and staying focused. 

Simply include your big goals in the spread, and then you can use the monthly and weekly spreads to go into detail and create the step-by-step goals needed to obtain the big goal. 

15 Bullet Journal Future Log Template Ideas

1. The super basic

This super basic spread gives you an idea of how simple you can make this process. Simply write in the month and create space to bullet point any birthdays, holidays, and events. 

Credit: Ryder Carroll

2. The two-page spread

This two-page spread is a beautiful way to visualise the entire year, with plenty of room to write in important dates and events. 

Credit: Craftyenginerd

3. The full calendar two-page spread

This is another wonderful two-page spread that is especially good if you really like to see all the dates of every month written out. It still gives you room to write in the important dates on the next page. 

Credit: black.tea.books

4. The super detailed spread

Want all the details on your future log organised? This detailed spread takes up more space, but it includes all the categories. This would be a great spread for goal setting — just replace the tasks section for a goals section, for example. 

Credit: spaceandquiet.com

5. The geometric log

This geometric design is a great way to fit in your entire year on two pages and enjoy  a really different look.  

Credit: allthingsbujo

6. The no-nonsense calendar

Don’t feel a need to write in events and appointments on your future log? That’s okay. This simple option allows you to reference dates without any of the extra fuss.  

Credit: Lisleysworld

7. The simple but thorough

This is another simple creation that nevertheless allows for plenty of room to both visualise the entire month and write in essentials. 

Credit: Space and Quiet

8. The circular log

This beautiful circular log is a nice spin on the usual vertical visual. A great way to track birthdays and holidays! 

Credit: passion.themed.life

9. The artistic log

Let your inner artist free by inking or colouring in a beautiful and personalised design like in this artistic future log. It will be fun to make and wonderful to look at, too! 

Credit: Lisleysworld

10. The sticker and stencil log

Don’t feel comfortable drawing, but still want to add a personal touch? Use stickers and stencils to beautify your bujo future log, as in this wonderful rose-stickered log.  

Credit: Amande Honorable

11. The illustrated spread

Another artistic spin on a bullet journal future log, this template allows you to personalise each month with a drawing unique to it. 

Credit: Just Bright Ideas

12. The washi tape template

Here’s another cute way to personalise each month with bright and fun washi tape strips! 

Credit: poutina_frita

13. The colour-coordinated log

Need a bit of extra visual stimulus to set apart dates? Try colour coding with highlighters as in this template. 

Credit: Wellella

14. The vertical log

Everyone has a different style that they will jive with more. Perhaps this vertical template works best for your mind. Go with whatever design makes the most sense to you! 

Credit: Anja Home

15. Create your own template!

The options for templates are endless. Get creative and combine your favorite elements of each, as in this uniquely designed bullet journal future log. 

Credit: the.petite.planner

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