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Cute and Easy Bullet Journal Titles and Headings + How to Make Them

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Need some inspiration for cute bullet journal titles? Titles and headings are a key component of your journal. Here are some easy and cute ideas to get you going!
  1. Multi-colour headers
  2. Use a cool font
  3. Bookended headers
  4. Cute borders
  5. Ink & flowers
  6. Wreathed titles
  7. Royal banners
  8. Bubble cursive
  9. Doodly banners
  10. Vintage sign headings
  11. Newspaper and magazine cut-and-pastes
  12. Keep it super simple: Draw a square

Bullet journal titles and headings are crucial to an organised journal. Luckily, they don’t need to be overly complex to be fetching and fun — though if you feel drawn to the more intricate designs, by all means, go crazy! 

We’ve collected some easy — but still super cute — ideas for your bullet journal headings and titles. Don’t worry — we’ll throw in a few “advanced” options too, for those who are feeling more ambitious! 

Why Should I Add Bullet Journal Headings?

Bullet journal headings are essential for organising and categorising your bujo. Titles generally stand out by being a bigger size, font and/or colour than the rest of the text on the page. They may also have a fancy border or banner that highlights it.  

Whatever they look like, you’ll want to create headers to help separate the content of your journal and make it easy to reference specific pages. Looking for a particular quote you love? An overt header that says “Quotes” at the top of a page where you collect quotes will make it easy to flip to the right page.

For example, some categories you may want headers for in your bullet journal include:

Bullet journal titles and headings aren’t just practical — they’re also fun! Cute titles are a big part of how you can personalise your bullet journal and make it exciting to look at. 

After all, you want to be attracted to your journal. And getting playful and inventive with it is all part of the creative therapy. 

A Selection of Bullet Journal Title Styles & Designs

Perhaps you have a very pretty journal with lots of intricate floral designs — or maybe it attracts you with lots of bright neon colours. Are you into block letters or delicate cursive? There are as many ways to make cute headings and titles as there are stars in the sky! 

Multi-colour headers

Using your favorite colour combinations is an easy way to set your title apart from the rest of the page. This selection shows a few ways you can incorporate multiple colours. Let them fade into each other, overlay them, or come up with something else altogether! 

Credit: mathusbujo

Use a cool font

One great way to create titles is use a specific font that you like. Look for fonts that appeal to you and practice writing out the letters. You can even make your very own font up — write out the alphabet on a page of your bullet journal and use it for reference. 

Credit: bujo_inspiration

Bookended headers

Coming up with a way of bookending your title is creative and cute. This design successfully uses arrows as the book ends. You could do anything, from shooting stars to actual drawings of books. 

Credit: nicoles.journal

Cute borders

You can do a lot with borders. This super cute header has a playful border that is bubbly and fun. The text and doodle spill out of the lines, but it still looks tidy. 

Credit: alukewarmmess

Ink & flowers

Bring on the flowers! Wind flowery vines around your letters, draw leafy borders around your titles, fill bubble letters with daisies — the options are endless. Plants are always a great fall back when you want to doodle something. They’re pretty and fairly simple to draw. And they don’t even need to be colourful — black ink looks awesome. 

Credit: amika.bujo

Wreathed titles

A very pretty and elegant way to feature your title is to wreath it. (Also another way to incorporate flowers). These lovely floral wreaths are a perfect example. 

Credit: doodle.for.your.bujo

Royal banners

Why not highlight your header by putting it in a banner? Banners are quite popular, because you can do so much with them — hang them horizontally, vertically, and you could even drop ornaments from the bottom. 

Credit: doodle.for.your.bujo

Bubble cursive

Get really playful with the font by writing in cursive bubble letters and then colouring them in with the colors of your choice. Use this sparkly, pastel rainbow title as inspiration! 

Credit: header_idea

Doodly banners

Using banners beneath or above your title is a super cute way to bring some artsy doodles in. Stay as simple or get as intricate as you wish. Here are some playful banner ideas for inspo. 

Credit: Studypetals

Vintage sign headings

Want to create something a bit more involved? Take inspiration from vintage signs from 1950s America. 

Credit: Tombow

Newspaper and magazine cut-and-pastes

This sleep log title demonstrates a cool alternative to writing and a throwback to detective story ransom notes and secret messages. Simply cut out letters from newspapers and other print sources and glue them into place. 

Credit: aninbujo

Keep it super simple: Draw a square

Don’t have much time, space or inclination to doll up your titles? This is possibly the most simple way to set your header apart from the text: just draw a square around it — it certainly does the trick! 

Credit: clairekhoo

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