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7 Stunning Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

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The beauty of the bullet journal weekly spread is that it allows you to track your life progress on a daily basis, but from an expanded perspective. Here are some beautiful spread ideas to get you on track!
  1. What’s a Bullet Journal?
  2. What’s a Weekly Spread?
  3. 7 Inspiring Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas
  4. Begin Your Journaling Journey Today with Betterly!

If you’re new to bullet journaling — or simply want to expand your experience — you’ll likely spend some time wondering, “What IS exactly the intention of my bujo?” 

Usually, it’s to get more organised or create a healthier life with more “me” time. Whatever it is, tracking your life is going to be a big part of your bujo experience. Enter: the bullet journal weekly spread.

The weekly spread is the meat and potatoes of the bullet journal. It is where you can track your life progress on a daily basis, but from an expanded perspective. Since you can see the entire week on one spread, you can get a greater sense of progress made (or not). You can see the general rhythm of your weeks (and thus your life). 

What’s a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is a way of organizing the information of your life into bulleted lists — all within an attractive journal. It can be a way to systematise, reflect, and engage artistically with yourself. 

Perhaps best described by the founder of the system, Ryder Carroll, bullet journals are a  “mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.” 

Usually a bullet journal is created using a dotted blank journal (though any notebook will work, ultimately). It is made up of topics, each of which takes up a full two pages — or a spread — in order to get a complete overview of the topic.  

What’s a Weekly Spread?

A weekly spread is a spread that focuses on the week ahead. It is usually divided into sections for each day of the week. It can be simply a more detailed calendar for that week — complete with to-do lists, appointments, etc. — or it can be any number of other topics that you want to track. 

For example, you may have a weekly mood tracker where you can write down your mood for each day of the week. But we’ll delve more into bujo weekly spread ideas below!

The important thing to know is that a weekly spread is essentially a weekly journal where you can track various topics (habits, dreams, interests, tasks, ideas, desires, …) in order to become more mindful of these different areas of your life. 

7 Inspiring Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

When choosing weekly spreads, one method is to pick the ones that you most resonate with — and the ones that you feel most repelled by (!) — as these will be the ones that will most benefit you.

The To-Do List or Calendar Spread

The weekly to-do list — or weekly calendar spread — is the most used weekly spread. It can help you organise your week into all the tasks that need to be done. This example is very beautifully thorough, with a note section for the overall week (in addition to day-by-day), as well as a place to jot down notes for next week. They can also include a chore chart and overview of the entire month — great for keeping organised! 

Credit: square lime designs

Diary Spread

A diary is a place where you can write about your feelings and reflections, as well as the events of the day. The diary spread provides the means for a daily evening activity where you write out the highlights of your day. You can have fun, making it cute with doodles, as in the example above. Or, simply bullet the highlights. It’s a great way to keep a record of your days, beyond simply task lists and to-dos. 

Credit: plantsthatblossom

The Meals Spread

This absolutely adorable spread is a great way to plan meals for the week! Perfect for the foodie who loves to cook. Plan a week of dinners every Sunday and you’ll already know what ingredients you need to pick up at the market. 

Credit: Plantsthatblossom

Gratitude List

Develop gratitude and appreciation by taking the time to notice it. A weekly gratitude log will keep you focused on writing out X number of gratitudes each day. 

Credit: sweetplanit

Dream Tracker

Want to remember your dreams better? Writing them down is a perfect way to improve dream recall. Make it easy by creating a weekly dream spread where you can jot down the main bits you remember each morning.

Credit: the botanical bullet

Weekly Chore Spread

A great way to stay on top of the household chores: make sure things stay tidy and clean with a housework tracking spread. 

Credit: squarelimedesigns

Multiple Trackers, One Weekly Spread

If you’d like to keep all the things you want to track more contained, remember that one weekly spread can include several categories — after all, you may not need an entire spread for your sleep cycle tracking. 

This one is a great example of a weekly spread that includes a variety of trackers and topics including tasks, sleep, diet, a habit tracker, and a shopping list. 

The wonderful thing about bullet journaling is that you can customise it to fit your needs exactly. And you can modify each week as you get a feel for what works — and what doesn’t.

Credit: squarelimedesigns

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