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30 Most Fun Things to Do with Friends When You're Bored

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When it comes to fun things to do with friends, the possibilities are endless. Grab a friend or two and try out some of the ideas on this list!
  1. 30 Unique Ideas for Fun Things to Do with Friends
  2. Go Have Fun with Friends!

Looking for things to do with your friends on a lazy afternoon?

These cool ideas for fun things to do with friends are great ways to spend time with your adopted family, and many of them will let you uncover your creative side too!

30 Unique Ideas for Fun Things to Do with Friends

1. Have a picnic

Wondering what to do with a friend on a sunny day? Grab a blanket, some snacks, a bottle of wine, and head to the park for a good old-fashioned picnic.

2. Throw a potluck dinner party

Another fun, foodie thing to do with your friends is to have a potluck dinner party. Everyone brings a dish to share for a fun, effortless, and delicious evening.

3. Dust off your old board games

You probably have a few old board games in your closet, so dig them out for some old-school fun. You’ll soon remember why you loved these games so much as a kid.

4. Uncover the energy of crystals

You can get in touch with your spirituality while having fun with friends by exploring the power of crystals, a practice that goes back to ancient times. Want to learn more? Betterly’s Energy of Crystals series is a great introduction to this fascinating subject.

5. Get sporty

Get outside and play some tennis, volleyball, or basketball with your friends. Grab some basic equipment and head to your local park or leisure centre.

6. Go to the theatre

Whether a West End show or a local production, there’s nothing like a good piece of live theatre. This is also a great excuse to put on a pair of heels and get dressed up!

7. Go charity shopping

Do you love shopping but hate the ethical and environmental disaster that is fast fashion? Hitting your local charity shops is the answer. Whether you find an amazing bargain or come home empty handed, this is a great way to spend a fun afternoon with friends.

8. Putt around a mini golf course

Sure it’s tacky and silly, but that’s half the fun! Grab your mates and find a mini golf course near you.

9. Have a BBQ

Barbecuing is undeniably the most social form of cooking. Get your friends around and throw some meat and veggies on the grill. Betterly’s Cooking with Fire series will give you the tools and knowledge you need to wow your mates with your grilling skills.

10. Hold an old CD party

Everyone still has a bunch of CDs in the back of their cupboard – get your chums to bring them along and listen to all kinds of music together. You might even discover a new love for the blues, afro jazz, or dubstep.

11. Go moon bathing

Moon bathing is the practice of soaking up the moon’s light for emotional and spiritual benefits. You and your friends can dip into moon bathing by sitting, laying, or simply going for a walk in the moonlight.

12. Become a tourist

Very few of us check out the local attractions in our area, so become tourists for the day together.

13. Get crafty

From paper crafts to crochet, unleash your creative side together by doing some arts and crafts with your friends.

14. Get your karaoke on

Find a karaoke bar or your local’s karaoke night and let loose with some Taylor Swift or Beyoncé.

15. Start a book club

Book clubs are great fun for people of all ages. Sit around with your mates drinking tea and eating cake, and if you feel like it you can discuss books too!

16. Throw a costume party

Admit it – we all love getting dressed up. It doesn’t need to be Halloween, pick a theme and get dressed up. You can have prizes for the best efforts, or simply enjoy the fun of playing dress-ups.

17. Explore divination

For a unique and more spiritual activity, you and your friends can go on a journey through the rituals and tools of divination to uncover the unknown.

18. Make your own spa

Who needs a fancy spa to smear goop all over you and your friends when you can do it yourself? Make your own facials using ingredients in your kitchen, give each other pedicures, and enjoy the luxury at a fraction of the cost.

19. Head to the museum

Enjoy a little culture with your friends by going to your local museum. Plan ahead and find out when their free days are – most museums have a free or discounted day once a week.

20. Take tea

Pretend like you’re in Downton Abbey and have a formal afternoon tea with your friends. Think cucumber sandwiches, scones, and tea dresses.

21. Play party games

Charades, sardines, or truth or dare – the possibilities are endless.

22. Dabble with chalk paints

Chalk paint is a fun yet easy medium to bring new life to an old piece of furniture. Order Betterly’s Paint and Colour box and get painting with your mates.

23. Go glamping

There’s nothing like sleeping under canvas with just you, your friends, and the great outdoors. If drop toilets and creeping crawlers aren’t your thing, glamping is the perfect balance of starry skies and home comforts.

24. Have a Zoom happy hour

Keeping in touch with friends who live far away can be tricky. Set up an online happy hour over Zoom to catch up over a bevvy or two.

25. Hold a wine and cheese night

Wine and cheese. Need we say more?

26. Stage your own bake off

Hold your very own bake off by making a Victoria Sponge or some yummy brownies together. Step one: bake. Step two: eat.

27. Have a murder mystery evening

If you’ve every fancied yourself a bit of a Miss Marple, convince your mates to join in on a murder mystery evening with you.

28. Discover aromatherapy

Combine fun with friends with relaxation and aromatherapy. Betterly’s Scented Memories subscription boxes are the best way to discover the power of fragrance.

29. Hit the trails

Whether cycling or hiking, find a trail near you, enjoy some fresh air, and exercise with your mates.

30. Play cards

What to do with a friend on a rainy day? Whether bridge, rummy or poker, card games are easy to learn and fun to play in a group.

Go Have Fun with Friends!

There are so many fun things to do with friends when you put your mind to it. From crystals and chalk painting to karaoke or a home spa day — gather your best mates and settle in for hours of fun!

For more cool ideas to do with others, or when spending some quality time alone, check out Betterly’s subscription boxes.

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