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12 Unique Gifts for Brother He's Sure to Love

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Finding the perfect present for your brother can be a challenge. Throw aside the tired cliches with these unique and creative gifts for brother.
  1. Creative Gifts for Brother: Presents He Won’t Forget [UK 2021]
  2. Get a Perfect Gift for your Brother

No matter how much you love your brother, he’s probably one of the most difficult people in your life to buy for. Whether for his birthday, Christmas or a special event, what do you get for your brother when you want to avoid the old cliches like a pair of socks or a bottle of wine?

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together 12 of the best gifts for brother, jam-packed with unique and creative ideas to delight your favourite bro.

Many of these gift ideas for brothers come from UK-based businesses so you’ll be sharing the love with not just your brother, but with local businesses too. 

Creative Gifts for Brother: Presents He Won’t Forget [UK 2021]

First, let’s take a look at some of Betterly’s curated experience boxes that will make ideal brother gifts that keep giving month after month.

Beard Watch Series

A well-groomed beard is one of the top ways a man can show off his sense of style. 

If your brother is fond of his beard, or wants to grow one, Betterly’s Beard Watch plan will be right up his alley! This series not only includes top of the line beard-care products and professional barber tools, but also the ultimate expert’s guide to beard care.

Every month, your brother will get a box packed with professional tools and products for styling his facial hair, all custom made in Italy with natural ingredients. 

They’ll learn how to use these products to perfection with the Beard Watch guide to beard care, and learn about the fascinating history of facial hair in a series of 12 booklets.

Cooking with Fire Series

Looking for gift ideas for a brother who loves to barbecue? Betterly’s Cooking with Fire series could be the perfect solution. You may even be able to enjoy this together — few bonding experiences come close to enjoying a barbecue together as a family.

With each of these boxes, your brother will receive a bunch of specially curated items and guide booklets to become an expert grill master. The boxes also contain unique spices, marinades, and exotic salts to take their flavours to the next level.

They Got Blues Series

You can put this in the list of gifts for a brother who loves music. 

Our They Got Blues series covers some of the most famous blues masterpieces and from the best artists of the genre in a series of 18 records. The high-quality vinyl records are paired with booklets that will take him on a journey through the men, women, and songs that transformed the world.

Still stuck to know what to buy your favourite brother? We’ve found some other unique gift ideas for brothers from UK businesses.

Personalised Record Storage Case

What better gift combo for your brother than the They Got Blues series and a personalised storage case? Vinyl records are valuable and they can be damaged if not handled or stored properly. You can't just put them anywhere if you want your records to last a lifetime.

This funky storage case from Steepletone is the perfect place for your brother to stash his precious records. You can choose between six colours and two sizes, and you can even personalise it for your brother for a truly special gift.

Craft Beer Discovery Club Membership

Branded as the UK's leading craft beer club, Beer52 offers a subscription to its diverse range of beers. If you are looking for a present for your brother, then gifting this plan could be a cool idea.

Each box comes with a selection of eight beers, light or mixed, along with magazines and snacks. The subscription, which you can pause or cancel at any time, also comes with the guarantee that you will never taste the same beer twice.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup

Personalised presents always make great gifts. We particularly love this reusable coffee cup from Novello that can be personalised to make a unique present for your brother.

The eco-friendly cup is perfect for a quick coffee or tea on the go, while helping to minimise plastic waste and look after the planet. You can have his name etched on the cup, or a message you know will brighten his day every time he takes a sip.

Gilded Monogram Glass

This elegant tumbler from makes another fantastic and personalised gift for your brother. The elegant and minimalistic design of the glass makes it a superb choice for men with refined tastes, and you can choose to have it engraved with letters of your choice. Made by UK institution Dartington Crystal, this glass is ideal for enjoying whiskey on a cool evening!

Brewdog Punk IPA Kit

This beer brewing kit is another awesome idea if you’re wondering what to get your brother for Christmas. If your brother enjoys a beer or two, then a hand-brewed beer will blow him away! Not to mention that he’ll love the process of brewing it himself.

This kit comes with all the tools and products he’ll need to brew his own Indian pale ale. Refill kits are also available so if he gets a knack for it, he’ll be able to brew to his heart’s content.

Make Your Own Chorizo Kit

On the subject of making things by hand, here's another great idea for a present for your brother, especially if he’s a foodie. 

This Make your own Chorizo kit contains flavours, spices, and tools for your brother to make his own gourmet chorizo, including piping bags and beef. All he’ll have to do is add the meat and voila! 

Scratch the World Map

Does your brother love to travel? Even if travel is a little complicated at the moment, you can help him to remember his past trips and dream of future plans with this Scratch the World Map

Printed on a high-quality silk sheet, this map will let your brother keep track of all the places he’s visited while having a truly unique decoration on his wall.

Fair Trade Organic T-Shirt

Is your brother still wearing those same old threadbare t-shirts? Treat him to a organic cotton tee from Brothers We Stand, like this Neighbourhood t-shirt hand-printed in water-based dyes. Better still, these t-shirts are ethical and sustainable, made in Bangladesh at a factor audited by the Fair Wear Foundation from organic virgin cotton.

Happy Skin Kit

Men all too often don’t take care of their skin, as they tend to think that skin care is something that only women do. If this sounds like your brother, set him on the right track with this Happy Skin Kit from Skin & Tonic.

The kit contains everything he’ll need to set up a daily routine for healthy, glowing skin. It comes with a cleansing balm, de-stress face mask, soothing rose mist, detox face oil, and naked lip balm. Your brother’s skin will never be the same again!

Get a Perfect Gift for your Brother

We hope we’ve made your life a little easier for you with this handy list of unique gifts for brother. Whether a box series to style the perfect beard, a kit to make delicious barbecues, chorizo or beer, or a personalised item just for him, your brother is sure to love his unique present.

Have a look through Betterly’s box plans for more great present ideas, and maybe even a special gift for yourself.

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