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Thoughtful Gifts for Mum: UK 2021

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Here’s a curated list of thoughtful and unique gifts for mum, all from local UK businesses, and relevant for 2021.

2020 was a difficult year to say the least, and 2021 will continue to be challenging in many ways, although the future is beginning to look brighter and more hopeful.

If there was ever a time to show our loved ones how much we love and care about them, it's now. Perhaps you haven't gotten to spend much time in-person with your mum lately, and want to pamper her with a thoughtful and unique gift, whether it's for her birthday, a special occasion, or just because you love her.

All of the gift ideas for mum on this list are from local businesses in the UK, so not only will you be giving mum a wonderful present, you’ll also be supporting small businesses that have been hit hard due to the pandemic and economic downturn. It’s a double win-win!

Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Mum: UK 2021

To start, we will showcase some of Betterly’s curated experience boxes for a gift that keeps on giving month after month.

Paint and Color Box

Each box of Betterly’s Paint and Color series contains two items to personalise, all the tools required to decorate them, plus booklets full of useful tips and tricks.

The Paint and Color series is a great gift for mum, especially if she has a creative side that she hasn’t been utilizing lately.

 Alternatively, you could get the Paint and Color series as a treat to yourself, and gift mum your very own hand-painted items you’ve made with love just for her. Such a heartfelt gift is sure to be received with joy.

Scented Memories Box

If your mum loves luxurious scents, our Scented Memories series could be a unique present for mum. 

This series provides everything you need to discover all the secrets of finding and creating the perfect fragrance for your home. 

It’s up to you whether you’d prefer to create a delicate fragrance yourself for mum, or give her the Scented Memories series for her to do it herself. 

This is certainly a thoughtful gift idea, and one that keeps on giving.

Paper Craft

With each Betterly Paper Craft box, you’ll enjoy hours of fun learning how to cut and fold paper into stunning designs. Each box comes with templates, patterns, essential tools, and step-by-step instructions for each project.

Perhaps your mum would like to unleash her creativity by making her own paper crafts, or you can create something special as a gift that will bring a unique splash of color to mum’s home, made by you.

Now, let’s move on to feature other fantastic presents for mum, from other UK-based businesses. 

Stylish Handmade Cotton Face Mask

Help mum stay safe and stylish with a handmade face mask from Roop — a small female-owned environmentally conscious boutique based out of Manchester. 

All of Roop’s face masks — which come in several dreamy colours — are double layered and include a pocket for adding your own filter. The ribbon ties are much more comfortable than the usual masks that tug on your ears. They are also fitted with an internal nose clip to keep a fit snug and prevent eyewear from fogging up.

Additionally, 10% of profits are donated to Southall Black Sisters Charity, which helps minority women across the UK.

Check out Roop’s mask collection here.

Organic Bath Soak

It’s been a stressful time for all of us, including our mums. Why not give a gift that lets mum pamper herself and melt the stress away?

This organic Holly bath soak from Sister & Co., with black pepper, cardamom, lemon, sweet orange, and almond oil, should do just the trick. The warming spices are perfect for a cozy night in. 

Sister & Co. is a small English bath and body brand that is certified organic, cruelty-free, and uses sustainably sourced natural ingredients. 

To really treat your mum, you could build a custom bundle of 3 products which will arrive in a free deluxe gift box.

Soleil White Topaz Necklace

Stellar 79 is a luxury British demi-fine jewellery brand created by two sisters in London. Their gemstones are ethically sourced, and they use recyclable packaging. 

Any of Stellar 79’s handmade jewellery could be a thoughtful present for mum, depending on her unique taste and style. We recommend the Soleil disc necklace in particular, as a cheery way to channel the Sun and brighten up her days.

Mulled Wine Gift Box

What’s better than a hot mug of mulled wine on a chilly day? 

Treat mum to a beautiful curated gift box from Bookblock as a surefire way to impress. The mulled wine gift box comes with everything required to brew a festive pot of mulled wine, including organic herbs and spices, a bottle of Wildcard Shiraz Cabernet, and two ceramic mugs. For an added treat, citrus crisps and white chocolate-coated almonds are also included in the set. 

If mulled wine isn’t mum’s cup of tea, there’s plenty of other curated gift boxes to choose from. Or, if you’d like to create a completely unique gift for mum, you may hand-pick from hundreds of gifts to build your own gift box.

Personalised Family Disc Necklace

Posh Totty Designs has a plethora of timeless hand-stamped jewellery that could make a perfect personalised present for mum.

This hammered disc necklace, for example, could feature the names of mum’s kids, allowing her to always keep her children close to her heart. 

Each item is handmade to order right in their Brighton workshop. Posh Totty Designs is a female-run company that keeps sustainability and ethics in mind during every step of their process. 

Gourmet British Food Hamper

Is your mum a foodie? Then she would adore a gourmet food hamper from The British Hamper Company. There’s endless different food hampers to choose from, such as The Luxury English Fayre Hamper that caught our eye.

All products included in the hamper come from independent British artisans and producers, with a wide range of savoury treats and sweet goodies sure to satisfy anyone.

Organic Spa Gift Set

Since you may not want to treat mum to a spa day at an actual spa this year, due to safety measures and social distancing, why not bring the spa to her instead?

Marigold’s Luxurious Organic Letterbox Spa Gift Set could be just what mum needs for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience right in the comfort of home. Everyone needs a bit (or a bunch) of self-care this season. 

All of Marigold’s bath and body products are handmade in the Oxfordshire countryside from natural organic ingredients. Choose from intoxicating fragrances such as Rose Maroc, Sweet Clementine, or White Jasmine.

Set of Six Colourful Glazed Espresso Cups

Gift mum with a pop of cheerful colour this season with these funky 70’s-style hand-painted ceramic espresso cups from The Forest & Co. The set of six unique cups comes packaged in a gift box, ready to impress mum with a thoughtful surprise.

Studio Hop is a small business based in London and they design all of their fashion accessories themselves. 

Personalised Chunky Blanket Scarf

Help mum get through chilly days by staying warm and cozy with an oversized colourblock scarf that has her very own initials hand-felted onto it.

This particular scarf is available in both a warm caramel or a cool charcoal colourway, depending on mum’s style. Studio Hop also has plenty of other scarves (and other items) to choose from as well.

Studio Hop is a small business based in London and they design all of their fashion accessories themselves. 

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