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Top 10 Grooming Tips For Men To Look Their Best

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With these top 10 grooming tips for men, you’ll always look dapper, stylish, and meticulously put together.
  1. How to be Well-Groomed: 10 Grooming Tips For Men
  2. What Are You Waiting For?

Personal presentation is more important than ever for men. We all know that the idea that skin care and grooming is a women’s domain is a myth and always has been. All men want to look stylish and suave, and to reach these levels, you will need to incorporate some grooming tips for men into your routine.

Yes, gentlemen, style and grooming go hand in hand. The sharpest suit or smartest shoes aren’t enough. To truly look good, you need to go the extra mile with your hair, your beard, the way you smell, and more. 

Now, this may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got you covered with our top 10 simple but effective men’s grooming tips!

How to be Well-Groomed: 10 Grooming Tips For Men

1. Schedule Regular Barber Visits

Instead of dropping by a barber whenever you feel like it, it is important to schedule regular visits. When you’re coming up with your grooming schedule, think about how quickly your hair grows. For some men, monthly visits are perfectly fine. However, if you find your hair grows pretty quickly, you may need tri-weekly or even fortnightly appointments.

Remember that it’s not just the hair on your head that you need to maintain: to be well-groomed, you need to keep your facial hair in top condition, and this takes constant attention. Check out our Beard Watch series for all the tools and tips you’ll need!

2. Cultivate a Signature Scent

You’ll find thousands of options for cologne and aftershave – they’re sold at every pharmacy, supermarket, and even some petrol stations. However, instead of starting a collection of several average scents, try to hone in on one or two quality fragrances that you love — and invest in these.

Scent deeply intertwines with memory, so a signature scent makes you memorable to others. Keep in mind that spicy, herby, and woody scents are complementary to wintery months, while lighter, citrus fragrances work best in summer.

3. Make Hand Care A Habit

Let’s face it — men usually aren’t too particular about nail and hand care beyond cutting their fingernails when they get a tad too long. However, this is a critical step in personal grooming. Try to make a habit of clipping your nails after you shower, following it up with filing them to smooth rough edges.

Or, you could try using nail scissors after you shower for more precision. You also want to address any rough or flaky skin around your nails with a little moisturiser every few days.

4. Bad Breath Be Gone

Bad breath can be an instant turn off, so prevention is key. Make a habit of brushing your teeth after every meal. Don’t forget to include flossing and tongue cleaning in your routine. 

For a quick fix while you’re on the go, try some refreshing chewing gum.

5. Hot Showers are a Big No-No

When showering, go for warm water instead of scalding hot showers. Showering with hot water strips essential oils from your hair and body, resulting in dry skin.

The best approach means more frequent but shorter showers of 10 minutes or less. 

Additionally, try to wash your hair only when necessary as excessive hair washing can cause flaking and red patches due to dryness.

6. Shave the Right Way

A guide to grooming tips for men would be incomplete without some shaving advice.

Here are our key pointers: 

● When shaving, applying shaving cream is non-negotiable.

● Never shave against the direction of hair growth: always go with the grain.

● After a couple of uses, you need to replace your razor head.

● The best time to shave is right after you finish showering when your skin is soft.

See this comprehensive guide to wet shaving for more.

7. Fight the Sun with SPF

If there’s one product you need to include in your skincare routine, it’s sunscreen. This product is the Holy Grail of skincare for everyone — men included! Not only does it reduce signs of ageing and wrinkles, but it also decreases the risk of skin cancer.

Walking around without sunscreen during the day is not advisable at any time of year. We recommend a personal grooming routine that incorporates an SPF 25 moisturiser. That way, you can moisturise and protect your skin from harmful UV rays at the same time.

8. Callus Care

Calluses are a common problem for men, and among people in general. Any part of your body that has the most contact and friction will form hardened patches of skin. So it’s hardly a surprise that calluses typically appear on the feet – and you can address them by using a pumice stone.

These stones are an amalgamation of hardened lava and water, and they are ideal for dead skin exfoliation. The best time to use a pumice stone is right after you shower when your skin is at its softest. Apply only light pressure and avoid scrubbing too hard.

9. Catch Some Zzzs

Burn through the midnight oil one too many times, and you’ll wake up with bags under your eyes. On the other hand, a solid night of sleep will have you waking up fresh and ready to take on the world.

Well, what if you already suffer from dark circles? Not to worry — a quality eye-cream or roll-on will eliminate eye bags and puffiness and have you good to go!

10. Manscaping is a Must

Let’s face it, excess body hair is not a good look. Regular trimming or removing this hair is an essential part of men’s grooming. Before you ask, yes, this applies to your most sensitive areas as well. Keeping trim down there also helps prevent foul odours, as well as the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

What Are You Waiting For?

Being well-groomed doesn’t merely help you look good — it can also give you a confidence boost. With these simple grooming tips for men, you will look sharp and feel great too. Not to mention, things like dental and personal hygiene and a well-kept beard aren’t just an essential part of grooming, but of a healthy lifestyle as well.

So incorporate these quick tips in your routine for a more confident you and a better quality of life.

If you’d like your own facial hair grooming kit delivered to your door every month, sign up for our Beard Watch subscription.

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