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How to Cleanse Crystals in 5 Easy Ways

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Keep your crystals clear and cleansed so they can work their magic! This article will walk you through how to cleanse crystals using easy and fun methods.
  1. Why Do I Need to Cleanse My Crystals?
  2. How to Cleanse Crystals: 5 Easy Methods
  3. How to Make Your Crystal Cleansing More Powerful
  4. How Often Do I Need to Cleanse My Crystals?
  5. Get Started On Your Crystal Journey with Betterly

If you’re new to crystals and the idea of crystal cleansing, this article will provide all the information you need to keep your crystals clear and working their magic.  

We’ll walk you through how to cleanse crystals using easy — and fun! — methods. 

Why Do I Need to Cleanse My Crystals?

You cleanse crystals to maintain their purity, so they can continue to radiate their good vibes, unadulterated. 

Crystals are incredibly pure beings. That is why they are so magical to work with — they can transmute your own energy, lifting it to a higher octave. However, crystals also pick up the energetic charge of the people and environments they come into contact with. 

If you have a crystal in an environment where there is a lot of fighting, for example, it can pick up that charge. The more energy it picks up, the more the crystal’s own sweet vibrations will be contaminated and weakened. 

Even in situations that are not particularly toxic, your crystal is picking up everything, good and bad. It is better to keep it clean so it can function more effectively and at its optimal power. 

Luckily, it is quite easy to cleanse crystals — and it’s a wonderful way to nurture your relationship with your crystals, too! 

How to Cleanse Crystals: 5 Easy Methods

There are lots of methods for cleansing crystals. Below are 5 easy ways to both purify your crystals and build your personal connection to these special stones.

Salt Water

Letting your crystals rest in a bowl of salt water is one of the most powerful ways of cleansing all the sticky, toxic vibes that are clinging to your crystal. Salt has been used for centuries for absorbing negativity and water washes away toxins. 

Before using this method, be sure to research your particular stone. Some, such as opal, are porous and can be damaged by salt water. 

Simply fill a glass or ceramic vessel with water and dissolve enough salt in it until it tastes like the ocean. Then place your crystals in and let them sit overnight — or for a full 24 hours for good measure.

Place the vessel outside for extra charge (see Full Moon Charging below). Rinse them in cold water to remove any salt residue. 

Meditation & Visualization 

Never underestimate the power of intention. This is a beautiful way to cleanse your crystal and deepen your connection to it at the same time.

Sit with your crystal and quiet your mind. Focus on your crystal while visualizing a white light shooting down from the center of the universe, dissolving all the dense, toxic, and negative energies stored within your crystal. 

Do this until you sense intuitively that your crystal is clear. 

Running Water

This is perhaps the simplest method and great for those crystals that need a daily rinse. 

Simply run your crystal under running water for several minutes. You can combine the visualization method, mentioned above, and imagine all the dense, negative energies flowing away. You’ll sense when it’s clean. 


Just as water is a wonderful cleanser, so is the earth. Bury your crystals so they are fully covered in soil. The earth will transmute the energies, resetting your crystal to its purest vibration and powering it up with majestic earth vitality. 

The earth takes longer than the water to fully clear a crystal, so you’ll want to keep your crystal buried for at least 24 hours. Burying your crystal has the added benefit of allowing it to link up with the crystal grid within the planet.


Smoke from cleansing plants is another lovely way to clear your crystal. 

A smudge stick — a dried bundle of herbs, such as sage — is lit at one end and blown out. Hold your crystal over the resultant smoke, letting all the heavy energies rise out and disperse. 

How to Make Your Crystal Cleansing More Powerful

While the above stone cleansing methods are effective in their own right, there are beautiful ways to ritualize and power-up your cleansings even more.

Full Moon/New Moon Cleansings

Working with the powerful energy of the full and new moons is an age-old tradition. Place your crystals in a bowl of salt water and put outside beneath the full moon for a night. 

In addition to clearing your stone, you will also be charging it up with the soft, nurturing light of the moon. 

Dark moons are a different energy, but also excellent for clearing your crystals. Let them charge up with star energy. 

Wild Water Cleansings: River and Ocean

Like with the moon, washing your crystal in a stream, river or ocean will have the double power of both cleansing it and charging it with that beautiful wild water energy. Water and crystals seem to belong together. 

How Often Do I Need to Cleanse My Crystals?

First off, it’s always a good idea to cleanse your crystal when you first get it, to clear it of any unwanted energy it may be carrying.

After that, the frequency of your crystal cleansings will depend upon both the type of crystal and how much you’re using it. 

For example, if a particular crystal is getting heavy usage — say you’re clearing negative energy with it several times a day — then a rinse under running water each evening would be prudent.

It is also wise to cleanse your crystals after every healing session in which you used your crystal. 

For most of your crystals, however, a good cleansing once a month or so — especially on a full or new moon — will be plenty. It could be a nice ritual to gather up all your crystals together each month for an overnight salt water bath. 

Do keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to research your particular crystal. Some are well known to need frequent cleansings, as they tend to soak up all the energy and store it. Labradorite is a good example of this. 

Others expel or transmute the energy and do not need to be cleared so often. 

For example, if you’re wondering how to cleanse selenite, the answer is: you don’t! Selenite does not need to be cleansed at all. This unique crystal cleanses itself — and can even be used to cleanse other crystals!

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