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How to Make a Crystal Grid: The Easy Step-by-Step Guide

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Use our easy step-by-step guide to learn how to use a crystal grid to channel good energy into your home, focus your intentions, and support your manifestations.
  1. How to Make a Crystal Grid: A Step-by-Step Guide
  2. Become Adept at Crystal Grids

Grids are beautiful tools for enhancing your crystal play!

Here’s how to use a crystal grid to channel good energy into your home, focus your intentions, and support your manifestations. 

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a purposeful placement of crystals within a geometric pattern placed in order to support a particular intention. 

How Do Crystal Grids Work?

The combination of multiple crystals together enhances their power as they work synergistically together. 

When you set an intention, the individual power of each crystal joins the collective power of the other crystals in a laser-focused, highly charged beam of energy towards your prayer. 

The sacred geometric pattern helps to direct this energy more effectively. Sacred geometry uses patterns that are found throughout nature — and are reproduced in human art, architecture, and design throughout the ages.  

Presumably, using these sacred patterns along with the crystals potentiates the energy of either one used alone.

Okay, but how do you actually make a crystal grid? They can actually be rather complicated, but we will simplify it for you!

How to Make a Crystal Grid: A Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide will give you a good idea of how to create a beautiful crystal grid within your own home. While these are the basic steps you’ll want to employ, each step needn’t necessarily be done in this order. 

For example, you could place your crystals under the moon for a good cleansing and spend the evening coming up with an intention and grid shape to implement the following day. How exactly you go about it is up to you. Make the process personal and so it fits in with your life.

1. Smudge Yourself and Your Space 

First things first, you’ll want to begin with a clean space. You can literally tidy up and clean the area you’ll be using for your grid. But you’ll also want to smudge your entire house, to expunge it of any dense or negative energies. 

This will create a purified environment so your charged crystals can infuse the cleared space with your intention of choice. 

2. Set an Intention

Your intention is the direction your grid will channel its energies.  

An intention is a prayer or a desire. It can be something you are trying to manifest, such as a new job or home. Or, an intention can be simply a quality you want to attract more of into your life. 

For example, common intentions include: courage, healing, abundance, clarity, peace, love, and joy. Choose an intention that is strong in your heart. 

You may wish to write your intention down, to further focus and activate it within you. The written intention can be incorporated into your grid. 

3. Choose a Grid Shape

There are endless grid options available. Making your intention ahead of time will help you choose a grid that is in alignment with your desires. 

For example, a circle grid helps with protection, while a square grid can help with boundaries. A grid using multiples of 3 is great for manifestation, while a grid using multiples of 4 can help with clarity and finding direction. 

Some common grid shapes include the vesica piscis, which can be used to bring balance, or attract love. The seed of life can be used to attract abundance. A simple search on the web will result in endless grid options.

The easiest way to create a grid is to use a layout that is printed on paper or cloth. You can simply place the stones on top of the printed grid. However, you can also use a grid as a visual to help you place your crystals without a printout. 

4. Choose Your Crystals

Like choosing a grid, the crystals you select should ideally be chosen to support your intention. Rose quartz is a classic for attracting and strengthening love, while citrine helps to build confidence and self esteem.

When creating a grid, each crystal will play a different role, and you’ll want to keep this in mind. 

Choosing your focus stone is especially important, as this will be the stone that concentrates all the energies of the other stones and shoots the intention out into the universe.

5. Cleanse Your Crystals

Before putting your crystals to work healing your wounds and attracting your desires, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a clear vessel. Cleanse your crystals prior to placing on the grid. 

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6. Place the Chosen Crystals

Now that you’ve prepared your space and gathered your stones, you can begin to mindfully place them. You’ll want to do this very intentionally as this is the moment in which you are weaving the web of magic. You may well enter into a sort of trance as you place your crystals.

You may begin the process by speaking your intention out loud and if you wrote your intention down, you can place it beneath your focus stone.

7. Activate Your Grid

There are a few ways to activate your grid — do whatever feels right to you. 

It’s always nice to end with gratitude — say thank you to the crystals for working on your     behalf. 

8. Spend Time With Your Grid

Now that you’ve created and activated your grid, it will begin to work for you. 

However, you want to continue to acknowledge it every day. You can sit and meditate with it, or simply take a moment to admire it and reaffirm your intention each time you pass it. 

When you no longer notice your grid, it’s time to put it away.

Become Adept at Crystal Grids

Learning how to use crystal grids can be sort of complicated, especially with all that geometry — sacred or not. That’s why Betterly’s Energy of Crystals subscription box is such a great choice for those who really want to learn how to use crystals effectively. 

The 12 boxes come with printed cotton crystal grid charts and instructions — making it much simpler to get the feel for using the grids. Plus, you’ll also get over 40 crystals (you definitely need a collection of crystals for grid work), along with other experience-enhancing tools, such as sage bundles and candles. 

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