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How to Make Your Own Law of Attraction Planner for 2021

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A law of attraction planner is your essential companion to define your life’s purpose and goals, and make them a reality. Here’s how to create your own.
  1. What is a Law of Attraction Planner?
  2. Getting Started
  3. Tips for creating your law of attraction planner
  4. Happy Manifesting!

The law of attraction is a philosophy that has become increasingly popular since the book The Secret took the world by storm. This is no longer a secret, and many people can attest to the incredible effects of the law of attraction! This approach states that with the right attitude, you can effect positive changes in your life.

Although this may sound simple, it can be a little more challenging in practice. This makes a law of attraction planner an invaluable tool to help to manifest the changes and goals you long for.

Read on to find out how these planners can change your life!

What is a Law of Attraction Planner?

If you don’t know how to start your law of attraction journey, or have tried and failed to stick to it in the past, then a law of attraction planner is just what you need. 

While there are costly law of attraction planners out there, here’s a little secret —  you can create your own using any journal or notebook.

A law of attraction planner is designed to help you organise your life and manifest your dreams. It helps you focus your energies on your goals rather than being distracted by everyday stresses and worries. The journal helps you keep an eye on your goals while tracking your progress towards them. 

Additionally, putting your thoughts on paper has a grounding effect that helps to manage anxiety that could otherwise stop you from achieving your aims.

This kind of journal allows you to outline your priorities and victories on the page. You can update your journal entries as your priorities change and evolve, helping you to adapt your life accordingly. 

Law of attraction planners often have affirmations on every page to keep you motivated.

The Process

Ideally, you should sit down with your law of attraction planner at least once a day. Your planner will have various sections dedicated to different parts of the law of attraction process. As you progress on your journey, you’ll soon start to notice the changes in your life and have victories to celebrate.

For example, if you’re struggling to find your purpose, your law of attraction planner helps you define what you want in life. Most importantly, it will help you to manifest it. As you outline everything on the page, this pushes you to delve deeper into yourself, while also sparking your motivation.

The planner will accompany you every step of the way on your law of attraction journey. You can use it to plan your days, form new habits, track your progress, and manifest your dream life.

Law of Attraction Diary vs. a Normal Planner

A law of attraction planner is not the same as an ordinary planner that you may use to organise your days, record appointments, and manage your to-do list. Not to say that a regular planner isn't useful, but it won’t help you to manifest your dream life the way a law of attraction diary will.

Additionally, working with your law of attraction planner is a fun, grounding, and rewarding activity. The law of attraction journey involves a lot of insight and thinking. Pages like your 'life statement' and 'vision statement' help you to plan what you want for your future, and how to get there.

Along with this type of manifestation, a law of attraction diary is also useful for organising your life. A big part of manifestation is actively working towards your goals. Planning your days and weeks in order to accomplish your goals helps to keep you organised while putting you on the path to achieve your dreams.

Getting Started

Like many things in life, the hardest part of working with your law of attraction is getting started. 

Remember that you can work through your planner little by little and gradually build up the sections.

Your law of attraction planner should be broken down into a general section with your overall goals and weekly planner pages. The general section will include ‘life statement’ and ‘vision statement’ to set the tone.

Your weekly planner pages you should include sections such as:

You should use your planner every day for maximum effect. Writing in your planner right before bed helps to calm your thoughts, stay off your phone and set you up for a good night’s sleep.

Here are some other elements you can add to your law of attraction diary to make it fun, rewarding, and effective:

Tips for creating your law of attraction planner

There isn’t a ‘right’ way to use your law of attraction planner. But, if you’re using the planner to manifest your dream life, then these tips can help you to achieve your goals.

You might find it helpful to:

  1. Write every day without fail.

  2. Dream big, don’t let anxiety cause you to limit yourself.

  3. Don’t be afraid to use pictures or create a vision board.

  4. Make sure to use positive affirmations, avoid negative statements.

  5. Make sure to clarify your goals and let your objectives evolve over time.

Happy Manifesting!

The law of attraction may seem like a mystical concept, but for many people it is very real. This philosophy has helped people all over the world recognise their purpose in life and realise their dreams. 

With a law of attraction planner by your side, you’ll be able to define your personal vision, focus your energies, and make yourself a priority. Over time, you’ll notice the benefits and start to see changes in your life.

If you’re not sure how to get started, Betterly’s Art of Journaling series provides all the supplies and guidance you need to start your journaling journey.

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