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What is Moon Bathing? How and Why You Should Try This Ancient Ritual

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Submerge beneath beams of moonlight with a proper moon bathing ritual. We’ll show you how to create the perfect moon soaking experience.
  1. Moon Bathing: What Is It?
  2. Benefits of Moon Bathing
  3. How to Moon Bathe
  4. Ways to Enhance Your Moon Bath
  5. Are You Drawn to the Mysterious?

Ever dream of moon bathing, but don’t really know what it is, or how to do it? Perhaps you heard of this mysterious ritual somewhere, and the words have been soaking in, but you haven’t taken the dive into the actual experience.

The very idea of moon bathing is rather enchanting. It sounds both magical and strange — and it is. Let’s sink into the soothing light of our beautiful satellite!

Moon Bathing: What Is It?

Moon bathing is like sunbathing. Literally: sit, lay down or sprawl out in your preferred position beneath the moon light. You can do it naked or clothed. You can take a walk in moonlight. 

Basically, it is consciously exposing yourself to moonlight — sometimes with an intention or ritual, or to just soak up her light.

Alternatively, you can create a moon water bath in your tub. This is done by infusing a big bowl of water in the moonlight (simply place it outside beneath the moon for an hour or so) and then pouring this water into a bathtub already full of water. Now you can soak in the moon water. 

Benefits of Moon Bathing

In Ayurvedic literature — from India and some of the oldest written works in the world— moon bathing is prescribed for medicinal purposes. Specifically, it helps to cool any heat in the body, which can cause maladies such as rashes, hives, and migraines. Bathing in the soft light can calm anxiety and stress. 

Not surprisingly, given the correlation between women’s menstrual cycles and the moon, it is also used to increase fertility and for hormonal regulation for women specifically.

Whether or not you want to experiment with treating physical ailments, moon bathing also has other emotional and spiritual benefits. 

It is a beautiful way to drop in and connect with our great, glowing orb of the night. Feel her subtle and reflective energy. 

You can use your moonlight soak as a ritual for getting quiet and going inward. You can set an intention, say a prayer, or simply relax utterly into the present moment.

The moon is both very calming and inspiring — though it may depend on the phase! Full moons can bring out a more exciting energy, while new moons are more introspective. Experiment with the different phases to see if you notice a difference. 

Perhaps the moon will inspire some vivid dreams or help release some deep-seated emotional sediment. 

How to Moon Bathe

Submerge yourself beneath beams of moonlight. It sounds poetic, doesn’t it? It really is that simple. 

How you choose to moon bathe is ultimately up to you. There are so many ways to partake of this mysterious pleasure. The moon is associated with intuition, afterall — so use your intuition to dip into the moonlight. 

However, to get an idea of what is possible, here are some suggestions that can enhance your moon bath experience and inspire you to create the dreamiest ritual experience for you

Ways to Enhance Your Moon Bath

Create a beautiful space

Setting up a space that feels special and sacred is always a good first step towards any ritual. It will help create an ambiance for relaxing into your moonlight bath. 

If you have a garden or outdoor area where you can lay down a blanket, to lay on, do so. Light some candles, burn incense or sage, sip on some herbal tea. 

Use water

Moonlight and water seem to belong together — part of the same family. After all, the moon pulls the oceans, creating the tides. And both are associated with the emotional world. Perhaps this is why combining the two is so synergistic. There are lots of ways to combine the two — here are a few:

Employ crystals

Crystals, like water, have a special relationship to the moon. Use healing crystals to enhance your experience. You may want to hold a particular crystal while you sit in the moonlight, or you may soak the crystal in any water you’re using for an extra infusion of magic.

Moonstone, pearls, rose quartz, and clear quartz are special friends of the moon — but as always, use any crystal you particularly gravitate towards. 

If you feel drawn to crystals and want to learn more about their healing energies, Betterly’s crystal subscription box is a beautiful way to become more acquainted with them. Learn how to work with crystals in a variety of rituals in a 12-box monthly series.  


It is always lovely to do a meditation before, during, or after your moon bath — whenever feels good. You might begin your ritual by centering yourself and setting an intention, or end with a small prayer of gratitude to the celestial moon. A meditation can really keep you grounded in the present moment. 

Are You Drawn to the Mysterious?

Want to delve deeper into the mystical? Betterly’s Divination series subscription box is a thorough introduction to a full range of divinitory methods — including runes, dream work, tarot, and more. 

You can even incorporate your divinatory tools into your moon baths. For example, pull a tarot card to reflect on while you soak up that luminous moon!

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