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5 New Moon Rituals For Personal Growth

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The new moon, also known as the black moon or the dark moon, is a powerful time of the month. There are many ways to harness this potent energy through new moon rituals.
  1. Why is the New Moon So Significant?
  2. 5 New Moon Rituals
  3. Want to Enhance Your Rituals with More Magic?

The new moon, also known as the black moon or the dark moon, is a powerful time of the month. It is a time of quiet introspection — but it is also the moment of preparation for growth. There are many ways to harness this potent energy through new moon rituals. 

Why is the New Moon So Significant?

Many people understand intuitively the significance of a full moon. After all, you can’t miss the great orb of light that dominates the night sky when a full moon is about. Dogs howl at the full moon and people feel extra energized — or agitated, as the case may be. 

However, the new moon is equally as potent. Just consider that the tides of the sea are just as great during the new moon as during the full moon. Still, the new moon is often overlooked. It is the mysterious, unseen moon, that allows all the trillions of stars to shine more brightly.  

It is the moment of dark, deep in the compost of the earth, just before the seed cracks open and new life begins to push out and grow towards the sun.  

Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, full moons and new moons are both times to reflect on ourselves — to ascertain where we are and what we want. However, there are different nuances to the energies. 

For example, while the full moon is a time for releasing, the new moon is a time for calling in. 

The full moon is a moment in time when it is preparing its journey of decrease, just as the new moon is about to begin a journey of increase. Therefore, we set an intention for what is to come — what we want to let go of, in the case of the full moon, or what we want more of, in the case of the new moon. 

Let’s look at some new moon magic you can try at home, to harness the energy of this monthly cycle. 

5 New Moon Rituals

1. Set Intentions & Call in Manifestations

The moon is a beautiful reminder to set intentions. An intention is like a prayer for what you want in life. As we mentioned above, full moon intentions are usually along the lines of things you want to release, like a relationship or an old story that no longer serves you. 

During the new moon, the most powerful intentions are for calling in — whether that is calling in something you want to achieve or something physical. For example, you may want to call in more love into your life or you may want to manifest a new house. 

Simply write down a list of your desires. You can write them down in your journal or say them aloud to confirm your desire with the universe. That’s all you need to do. 

However, setting an intention is also the first step for many of the rituals and new moon spells that we’ll outline below — so if you want to go deeper with your intention work, keep reading!   

2. Fire Ceremony

Fire is a magical element and one that holds transformative power. If you have somewhere you can make a proper fire, fantastic. If not, a candle will suffice. 

Light your fire. Take some deep breaths. Gaze into the flames, and let yourself enter into the world of the fire spirit. 

If you have a proper fire, pick up a stick. Holding the stick, think of what you want to call into your life. Breathe your prayers or intentions into the stick. Your prayers can be grander than personal desires — you may pray for friends or peace on earth. Breath it all into the stick. 

When you feel complete, place the stick in the fire. Watch it burn and carry your intentions up to the universe in the form of smoke. 

If you are using a candle, you can write your intention on a small piece of paper and  burn it. You could also breathe into the paper, if you want to work with your breath. 

Make sure you’ve set up a safe space, with a vessel for placing the burning paper and keep some water on hand — just in case!

3. Cleanse Your Crystals

The new moon is a beautiful time for cleansing your crystals (the new moon is best for charging them — though both are good for either!) Because crystals pick up energy, they need regular “baths” to return to their pure vibration. 

To clean your crystal, place it outside, or in a window, beneath the new moon. Place them in a bowl of salt water for an extra cleansing effect. Read our full article on the topic to learn more. 

And if you really want to dive into crystal work, get a subscription box with Betterly — it includes crystals and tutorials for a variety of rituals, along with necessary accessories, so you can really get guided, hands-on experience with your crystals.  

4. Take a New Moon Bath

Like fire, water is another element that can be beautiful to work with — especially when working with moon energy. Water and the moon have an affinity for one another

On a new moon night, fill your tub, adding in salts, oils, and essential oils as you wish for an enhanced sensual experience. Light some candles and drop yourself slowly into the tub. 

Let any troubles melt away as you imagine yourself floating in the universe, surrounded by stars. Let the boundaries of your body disappear as you become part of the night sky. Let your consciousness and your soul blend with the moonless night. Experience yourself as expansive a part of everything.

You may end your ritual here, or continue with the following visualisation work. 

5. Visualisation

Visualisation is a powerful way of strengthening your prayers and magnetising your desires to you. You can use visualisation with the fire or bath rituals above, or just by itself.

Create a sacred space with candles and incense and take some deep breaths to center yourself. Think of your intention or desire. Imagine any blocks — psychological or physical — that are preventing your desire from coming through. Imagine these blocks dissolving into the earth beneath you. If you are in the bath, let the water pull these blocks out from within you.

Now return to your desire. Focus on it. See yourself already having it. Imagine how it feels within your body. Really know it. Feel it as a part of you. 

Now imagine taking your desire outside of your body. See yourself literally take it out of your body and place it before you. Imagine yourself tying it onto a balloon. Now let go of the balloon and watch it rise up, up, up into the night sky, out into the universe, where it becomes a star. 

This is a powerful visualisation, because you are not only letting the universe know what you want, but you are letting go of your own control over it. You are giving your desire up to the universe, knowing the universe will deliver. Trust: you have cast your new moon spell. You can relax. 

Come back into your body, noticing your breath and feeling the ground beneath you. If in the bath, thank the water for cleansing you before pulling the plug. 

Want to Enhance Your Rituals with More Magic?

If you like new moon rituals and spell work, you might be interested in Betterly’s Divination subscription box series. It includes 12 boxes that will guide you in using a dowsing pendulum, tarot cards, runes, and much more. 

These are incredible tools that can be utilised along with your moon rituals to deepen your practice and enhance the effects of your spells. 

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