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11+ Beautiful and Easy DIY Paper Decorations

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DIY paper decorations are a fun and creative way to spend your spare time off-screen. Here are 11 easy but spectacular paper decorations you can make yourself.
  1. DIY Paper Decorations to Brighten Up Any Room
  2. Cute DIY Themed Paper Decorations
  3. Paper Party Decorations
  4. Happy Crafting!

Paper decorations are a fantastic way to brighten up your space, and better yet, they’re loads of fun to make! You’ll be surprised how many beautiful decorations you can make with paper – this versatile medium can be turned into a wide range of different items, from elegant snowflakes to bright and fun paper party decorations.

If you’re looking to kick off your arts and crafts journey, then you’re at the right place! We’ve put together a selection of 11 stunning paper decorations that don’t require any experience to make.

DIY Paper Decorations to Brighten Up Any Room

Paper Craft Box Series

Betterly’s Paper Craft plan is the best way to get started making DIY paper decorations. This series includes high-quality paper, 12 booklets revealing the secrets and stories of paper craft, and 12 complete DIY paper craft projects. You’ll unleash your creativity and enjoy more than 25 hours of fun learning how to cut and fold paper into beautiful designs.

Once you’ve mastered DIY paper craft thanks to our box series, you can dive into paper decoration projects for any occasion. There are plenty of free tutorials online to make stunning DIY paper decorations – we’ve found 10 of the best for you.

Layered Fan Art Piece

Credit: The House That Lars Built

Paper fans have long been used as paper party decorations, but these stunning fan pieces are great for decorating your walls year-round. This lovely yet simple layered fan is a home décor item that is truly a piece of art.

To make it, you’ll need 30cm x 30cm cardstock, string, spray paint, hot glue, command hooks, acrylic paint, and paint brushes. You can also add some extra jazz to your fan with some optional gold leaf. You can make your piece with plain cardstock, or decorate it with stripes, spots, splatters or anything your heart desires before folding.

Once dry, you simply cut the cardstock in half and fold into a fan shape. You can leave it as is, or create a larger fan by gluing three fans together at the edges. Finish by adding gold leaf if you like, hot glue some string to the back of the fans and hang them on the command hooks to decorate your space.

Want to make your own layered fan art piece? You’ll find the full tutorial here.

Paper Chainmail Wall Hanging

Credit: Design Improvised

Chains are another classic paper decoration. This fun project takes paper chains to the next level to make a creative chainmail wall hanging.

You’ll need cardstock in a range of colours of your choice – this design looks stunning in ombre tones, such as purples and blues or yellows and reds. The only other supplies you’ll need are a paper cutter, stapler, and a curtain rod or any rod that can be hung on the wall.

If you don’t have a paper cutter, scissors will do, but a paper cutter is much more efficient for cutting uniform strips of the cardstock. Loop one strip into a ring and staple to hold, then loop the next strip into the first one and staple. Continue to do this till you have a string, or chain, of rings.

After making chains of various lengths, string them through the rod and hang up! You can create interesting designs by varying the lengths of the chains for a simple yet effective result.

Read the full tutorial here to make your own chainmail wall hanging.

Paper Wisteria Hanging

Credit: One Lovely Life

Paper flowers are another easy yet stunning paper decoration to make. This project uses crepe paper to create delicate wisteria.

Choose crepe in different colours depending on your design choice (pinks, purples, or white), and match this with embroidery thread in the same colours. You’ll also need command hooks and a 30 to 35cm hook to hang your design. A macrame hoop usually serves well.

After cutting the crepe into strips, fold it into a neat triangle, then twist the ends a little and tuck them underneath to create a petal. Once you’ve got all your petals, thread the petals onto a length of embroidery thread. Make several strands of these flowers and tie each strand to the hoop to create a beautiful wisteria hanging.

Read the full instructions here.

Cute DIY Themed Paper Decorations

Paper Winter Village

Credit: Guidecentral English

You won’t believe that this cosy little Christmas village is made entirely from paper! All you’ll need is paper, scissors or a paper cutter, scotch tape and a ruler, as well as some lights to brighten up your village.

Each paper house is cut out from a template, including the windows and doors, and with a tab on the bottom to be folded into a stand. You’ll need a steady hand to cut neatly around the template, but your winter village will come to life in no time!

Watch the video tutorial for this project here.

Spring Garland Banner

Credit: The Happy Scraps

Whether you want to celebrate the arrival of spring or bring some springtime vibes into a gloomy day, this lovely spring-themed garland is sure to do the trick!

You'll need cardstock in a variety of colours of your choice, some thick twine, large cheerful buttons, and either a die-cutting machine or a simple pair of scissors.

After cutting out the flowers from cardstock, stick a button in the centre of each flower, and then attach the flowers to dimension squares. The dimension squares are then attached to the garland the string for a jolly banner.

To make your own cheerful spring garland, you’ll find the tutorial here.

Colourful Summer Banner

Credit: The Happy Scraps

This is another bright and cheerful garland to let some sunshine into the room no matter the season. It uses wood banner pieces under the bright paper to help the banner hold its shape. Other than wood pieces and paper, you'll just need some wood glue and thick string, and you're ready to go!

Trace the wood banner shapes onto your paper and then cut out letters in contrasting colours. Put together the banner by tying the pieces together with the string. You can add some extra embellishment by adding cute ribbons to the bottom of each shape.

Ready to make your own summery banner? Find the tutorial here.

Paper Snowflake

Credit: How About Orange

These elegant paper snowflakes will turn your home into a winter wonderland! They’re made from regular A4 paper, with only scissors and a pencil.

After cutting your A4 paper down into a perfect square, fold the paper into a large triangle, and then once more into a smaller triangle. Open up the smaller triangle and fold the corners along the vertical line and then draw some snowflake shapes. Finally, you cut along the design and open it up to reveal your snowflake!

Check out this tutorial for more on making the perfect paper snowflake.

Paper Party Decorations

Origami Paper Wall Hanging

Credit: K4 Craft

This bright and colourful wall hanging is made with coloured sheets of origami paper and thread – that’s it! The only other thing you may need is hooks to hang it up.

All you have to do is cut the coloured sheets into squares — you can call them diamonds if you’d like. Stitch the squares (or diamonds) on to the thread in a row and then hang your strands of diamonds on the wall or tie them to a rod to hang them up.

Paper Spiral Leaf

Credit: Two Points Crafts

These delicate spiral leaves look complicated, but they are deceptively easy to make.

All you’ll need is coloured paper, glue, thread, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.

After cutting the paper into squares, make a triangle out of each square as perfectly as you can. Next, along one open edge draw diagonal lines with uniform gaps between the lines. Cut across the diagonal lines and open them up to reveal your spiral leaf.

Next, glue the opposite strips to each other, turning the sheet as you work. Create a small hole at the non-pointed edge and pass the thread through, continuing until you have several strands.

Watch the video tutorial for more guidance on making these beautiful spiral leaves.

Paper Tassel Garland

Credit: Blue i Style

Tassels are another fun paper decoration project, and this garland turns your tassels into a fantastic piece of home décor.

This project uses tissue paper in colours of your choice, string or ribbon, tape, and scissors. Fold the tissue paper lengthwise and widthwise, then cut strips of the paper leaving about 2.5 cm uncut.

You then unfold and cut into the sections you’d like, and open it once more to roll your tassels. Once you’ve rolled your tassels, fold it in half and twist the top, taping it to prevent the tassels from coming apart. Attach your tassels to yarn or ribbon to hang it up and decorate your room.

Check the full tutorial here to make your own tassel garland.

Happy Crafting!

DIY paper decorations are fun and easy to make, not to mention a great way to spend your free time with no screens involved. Better yet, you’ll make some stunning decorations to brighten up your home or bring something extra to a special event.

Looking for more ways to spend quality, screen-free time? Have a look at Betterly’s range of fun boxes!

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