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Treat Yourself with a Relaxing Self-Care Subscription Box [UK 2021]

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Looking for the best self care subscription box in the UK? These boxes will take you on a journey of mindfulness to boost your mental health and fill your cup.
  1. The Best Self Care Subscription Boxes in the UK
  2. Ready to Make Time for Yourself with a Self-Care Box?

Who has time these days for self care in the midst of our hectic, modern lives? Sure, you should be meditating, getting creative, or doing something else to look after your emotional wellbeing, but who was the energy to pull this together? If the last time you managed to take time out for yourself was when Prince Harry and Prince Wills were still best mates, then you could definitely use a mindfulness subscription box.

A good UK self-care subscription box will provide everything you need to give yourself important me time, delivered right to your door. With all the structure, tools, and inspiration you need arriving every month, you’ll have no excuse not to make time for self care!

The Best Self Care Subscription Boxes in the UK

Taking time for yourself may feel selfish when you’re supposed to be doing a million other things, from attacking that mountain of laundry to calling to check in on mum. 

However, self care is vital to strengthen your emotional wellbeing so that you have the energy to do everything else that needs to be done. After all, you need to fill your own cup before you can give to others.

These self-care boxes will give you all the tools, guidance, and inspiration you need for some essential me time.

1. The Energy of Crystals

This UK self-care subscription box will take you on a journey through the incredible world of crystals. It takes a fun and accessible approach to exploring the power of crystals, exposing you to a practice that goes back to prehistoric times. Amber beads have been found in Britain that date back 10,000 years, to the end of the last ice age.

The Energy of Crystals series lets you explore how crystals can help you to channel your energy and bring more mindfulness into your daily life. It’s equally well-suited to crystal enthusiasts and complete beginners, taking you through how crystals are used and the philosophy that underlies the practice, with more than 40 stones and crystals.

You can start with one box to dip your toe in the waters, or develop a deeper understanding of the power of crystals with the whole series. The entire series of 12 boxes contains dozens of natural crystals and stones, 10 ritual items, and two necklaces to wear with your crystals.

2. Scented Memories

Sensory experiences are one of the best ways to pause for mind. In particular, your sense of smell is a powerful mindfulness tool. Different scents can prompt certain emotions, or they may trigger strong memories. 

Experts tell us that certain smells can help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as alleviating depression, nausea, insomnia, and a lack of appetite.

This makes fragrance a powerful form of self care that you can do yourself at home. The Scented Memories series contains 12 specially curated boxes to take you on a journey through fragrance and memories. You’ll be reinvigorated by the pure energy of lemon oil, enjoy the delicious fragrance of vanilla, and the comforting, relaxing smell of lavender. The perfect way to take some time out for yourself!

3. Rituals of Divination

The Rituals of Divination is a series of self-care boxes that will allow you to dive into your spiritual side. Through exploring the ancient art of divination, you’ll take time out to reflect on the past and the present, cultivating a very specific form of mindfulness. 

If you ever feel that life is a bit of a blur and you want it all to slow down a little, divination could be for you.

Whether you’ve long been interested in spirituality or are simply metaphysical-curious, this informative and inspirational series will open you to the practices of divination. 

Divination uses certain rituals and tools to gain insight into the unknown and into the future. The boxes come loaded with information and guidance, as well as divination tools such as a set of obsidian runes, packs of cards, and a pendulum and dowsing chart.

4. Art of Journaling

What better way to treat yourself to some self care than to look after your mental health and emotional wellbeing by starting a journaling routine? 

Keeping a journal is a powerful way to reflect and sort through your thoughts and feelings. If you’ve ever put your thoughts down on paper, you’ll know that this instantly took a weight off your shoulders.

A regular journaling routine, ideally writing in your journal daily, will help you take advantage of the benefits of journaling. However, sitting down in front of a blank page can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never kept a journal before.

Betterly’s Art of Journaling series makes journaling easy, with themed booklets to guide you through the process, as well as stacks of inspiration and advice. This mindfulness subscription box also includes customisable journals, personalised diaries, and many other stunning stationery items to embellish your journals.

5. Paint and Color

Research has shown that creative activities alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as improving our confidence and resilience. So picking up a paint brush is not only a fun activity, it’s also a powerful form of self care. A lot of us would love to get our Van Gogh on, but think that we don’t have the skills, or simply don’t know where to start.

This is where our Paint and Color self-care box comes in. This series of 12 boxes will teach you how to paint with chalk paints, a fun and funky art form. You’ll learn how to use these paints to create a unique and chic finish, bringing 12 projects to life from a fragrant wooden cactus to a cool money box and an inspiring world map. 

Included with the series are our bespoke water-based, odour-free paints, as well as detailed instructions complete with step-by-step photos to help you become a master chalk painter.

Ready to Make Time for Yourself with a Self-Care Box?

The right UK self-care subscription box will provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to make self care easy. 

With these brilliant boxes delivered to your door every month, all you’ll need to do is carve out a bit of time for yourself, and you’ll be ready to work on yourself and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Have a look at our full me time range for even more ways to spend quality time offline.

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