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The Five Minute Journal [UK 2021]: How to Make Your Own At Home

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The five minute journal UK is a quick and easy way to realise the benefits of journaling and mindfulness. Here’s how to make your own!
  1. What You Need to Know About the Five Minute Journal UK
  2. Why Make A 5-Minute Journal – The Benefits
  3. How to Make Your Own 5-Minute Journal
  4. Tips for Keeping a Five Minute Journal in the UK
  5. Get your Life in Order with a 5-Minute Journal

Do you struggle to find time for yourself? In the midst of our hectic lives these days, we seldom reflect upon the events of the day and what’s most important to us. The five minute journal UK can be a game changer, allowing you to harness the power of journaling and mindfulness in just five minutes a day.

A 5-minute journal allows you to embark on a journey of self-reflection and helps you to establish a practice of gratitude. 

Furthermore, it allows you to get a clearer picture of your goals in life and how you can achieve them. Overall, it is a journey of overcoming your fears and appreciating yourself, small but vital details that we tend to overlook in our busy daily lives.

What You Need to Know About the Five Minute Journal UK

The five minute journal is a personal diary that allows you to celebrate the positives in your life, as well as plan your day to bring you closer to the life you want to live. It forces you to focus on the happy parts of your day, be it a small achievement or a few words of appreciation.

In the 5-minute journal, each page consists of five questions divided into two sections: morning and evening. Each page also has a quote affirmation to further help you on your journey of positivity.

Morning Section

In the morning section of your five minute journal, you have the following three questions:

Evening Section

End your day by reflecting on how it went and the ways it could have been better.

Why Make A 5-Minute Journal – The Benefits

That’s the basics you should know about the 5-minute journal. Before we move on to how you can make your own, let’s have a quick look at the advantages.

Here are just some of the benefits of making your own five minute journal:

How to Make Your Own 5-Minute Journal

To make your very own five minute journal, all you need is a blank diary, a pen, and five minutes of your day. Of course, the more embellishments you have, the more creative the process will be and the more likely you will be to stay motivated to write in your journal. That’s where a subscription to our Art of Journaling series can help!

Read on for our easy guide to setting up and structuring your 5-minute journal.

Start with a Morning Questions Section

The first half of each page of your journal should have the points you will start your day with. Think about elements that will boost your spirits, filling you with positive energy from first thing in the morning to carry you through your day. You can follow the set questions from the official five minute journal UK mentioned above, or create your own.

Some of the kinds of questions you can include are:

End with a Bedtime Questions Section

The purpose of this 5-minute journal is to improve your connection with yourself. Therefore, along with having a positive start to your day, you need to end it with a reflection and an optimistic mindset. Additionally, reflecting upon your day's activities before going to bed will create a sense of accomplishment.

Again, follow the questions listed above, or make your own along the lines of:

Your basic 5-minute journal ends here. Yes, this is all you need for an all-inclusive diary to reflect on the day’s events. However, because you are making it yourself, why not make it a little more creative and joyful?

Keep reading for a few suggestions to make your 5-minute journal more attractive, motivating, and fun.

Add Quotes and Images

Flipping through plain white pages can be boring, especially if you’re new to journaling. So, an excellent way of making your diary aesthetically pleasing and motivational is to add beautiful images, particularly those which include quotes. These positive statements will instantly lift your spirits.

Pick an Attractive Cover

Another optional but beneficial step is to use a journal with an eye-catching cover. This will encourage you to pick up your diary and write in it every day. You can even create or embellish your own cover: add your initials, write your name, or decorate it with your favourite patterns.

Tips for Keeping a Five Minute Journal in the UK

A five minute journal is super easy and effective. However, there are a few things that will help you get the most out of this practice.

  1. You can adjust the number of daily questions to suit your own needs and desires. After all, it is your journal, so you can make your own rules.

  2. Though you should generally write in your journal every day, you can skip a day if you are not up for it. But remember, taking five minutes to work on your journal will lift your mood.

  3. You don’t need to climb Mount Everest to be able to list an achievement in your journal. Even eating your favourite ice cream is worth counting.

Get your Life in Order with a 5-Minute Journal

Probably the most important part of the five minute journal is developing a disciplined habit. Writing a journal doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when it is a simple 5-minute one. 

However, to get the most out of your journal, it is important to establish a regular habit – it’s best to write in your journal every day.

Betterly’s Art of Journaling subscription will give you the tools and guidance you need to set up your journal, and the motivation to establish a dedicated journaling habit.

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