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Unique Gifts for Couples: Best Present Ideas for UK 2021

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Choosing a special gift for not just one but two people can be tricky. Here are some unique gifts for couples, all from local UK businesses.
  1. Betterly Plans that Make Awesome Gifts for Couples
  2. How to Choose the Best Presents for Couples

Many of us find gift shopping challenging at the best of times, but finding gifts for couples takes it to a whole new level. 

How do you find a unique, thoughtful present which both people will love but they don’t own already? You can of course just buy something that you know one or the other one will like, but it’s much better to find a gift that will delight both of them, and even bring them closer together as a couple.

If your friends annoyingly have lasting relationships, meaning that you need to find perfect couple gifts for anniversaries, weddings, and housewarmings, not to mention Christmas presents for couples, this article is for you! We’ve rounded up the best and most creative gift ideas for your favourite twosomes.

Betterly Plans that Make Awesome Gifts for Couples

Our curated experience boxes make great gifts for couples in the UK. Here are our top picks that provide amazing experiences for couples to share together month after month.

They Got Blues

Send your favourite couple on a journey through the history of blues music with our They Got Blues series. They’ll enjoy 18 hours of soulful blues tunes across 18 masterpiece vinyl records, while learning about the history of the genre and the artists who changed the world with nine maxi-format booklets.

Best of all, like all our subscription boxes, this will continue to delight the couple month after month as they get new tunes to enjoy and new artists to discover, delivered to their door.

Cooking with Fire

Cooking is another fantastic bonding activity, and what better way to spend time together as a couple than firing up the grill and making a delicious BBQ? Betterly’s Cooking with Fire series not only gives them all the tools they need for the perfect BBQ, but it will also give them the knowledge and inspiration to become consummate grill masters.

The series will have them whipping up amazing grills for their friends or for a special dinner for two. Month after month, they’ll get new recipes and tips, along with unique and exotic spices, salts, and marinades to make their barbecues extra special.  


Nothing will bring a couple closer than creating something together. Our Leo³ series combines creativity with scientific knowledge, and will put the couple right in the centre of their own Renaissance workshop inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

They’ll work together to build a mechanical wooden lion that moves its own paws using a single gear mechanism. While making the kinetic structure, they’ll learn all about da Vinci’s creative genius and discover secrets that combine ancient design with contemporary technology.

Here are some other unique couple gift ideas, all from local businesses in the UK, most of which are ethical and eco-friendly too (bonus!).

The Times Cryptic Crossword Book

The perfect present for couples who love to do The Times crossword together. They’ll be able to snuggle up on a Sunday morning (or any time they want) and work on the 100 cryptic puzzles in this Times Cryptic Crossword book.

Recycled Paper Picture Frame

Your favourite couple can brighten up their home with this unique photo frame made from recycled paper. The frame can fit portrait or landscape photos, so why not gift it complete with a snap of the happy couple? This fun and funky recycled paper picture frame comes from a UK-based fair trade organisation called Shared Earth that supports communities in developing countries, making it a gift that gives twice.

Live for Today Coaster

This fun Live for Today coaster makes a cute and cheeky little Christmas present for couples with a sense of humour. It’ll remind them to seize the moment with the quote “Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight”. The coaster is also made from ethically sourced sustainable wood, so you can delight your friends while being gentle to the planet.

Butterfly Kaleidoscope Puzzle

A couple that puzzles together, stays together. Help your friends spend quality time together offline with a 1,000-piece puzzle that’s big enough to offer hours of entertainment, without being so big that it will completely take over their lives. This bright and colourful Butterfly Kaleidoscope Puzzle comes from JHG Jigsaws, one of the few companies to still manufacture jigsaws in the UK.

Powered by Plants Storage Box

This would make a great gift for any couple who is setting up their home, or any twosome who wants to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The Powered by Plants storage box is made from eco-friendly glass with a bamboo lid and is the perfect zero-waste alternative to single-use plastic containers.

Driftwood Bird Feeder

This bird feeder will make a nice addition to any outdoor space, whether it’s a large garden or simply a balcony. This bird feeder is made from reclaimed driftwood which means it’s kinder to the world’s forests, and is another fair trade pick from Shared Earth.

National Trust Joint Membership

A slightly different kind of present for couples, this experiential gift will give them access to National Trust’s stunning properties and outdoor spaces across the UK. National Trust’s annual joint membership is for two adults who live at the same address and can be given as a gift. Let your favourite couple spend the year exploring the nation’s heritage, from beautiful buildings to stunning parks and gardens.

How to Choose the Best Presents for Couples

Particularly when buying a present for a wedding, an engagement, or a housewarming, you should keep in mind that the couple will be getting a mountain of gifts. Therefore, you want to get something that will stand out, rather than yet another toaster.

The best gifts for couples are those that not only both members of the pair will love, but that will bring them closer together. We love the idea of giving a couple a shared experience — whether it’s cooking, creating, or puzzling, that they can do together and strengthen their relationship.

Take a look at our full range of curated experience boxes for more gift inspiration, or maybe a present to give yourself!

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