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11 Clever Vinyl Storage Ideas: DIY Record Storage Hacks to Try

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Figuring out how you’ll store your records is vital for any music loving collector, and vinyl storage can be tricky! Here are 11 hacks to tastefully incorporate record storage into your space.
  1. 1. The milkcrate
  2. 2. The corner shelf
  3. 3. The compact setup
  4. 4. The invisible shelf
  5. 5. The long and low
  6. 6. The magazine rack
  7. 7. The bookends 
  8. 8. The baskets 
  9. 9. The utilitarian
  10. 10. The old suitcase
  11. 11. The repurposed pallet 

Love the warm sound of a record player? So do we.

Having a vinyl collection is a lot of fun, but if you are ready to begin or expand your record collection, it’s important to remember that records take up a fair amount of space.

Figuring out how you’ll store your records is vital for any music loving collector — because vinyl storage can be tricky!

Luckily, we can help with that dilemma.

There are plenty of clever ways to incorporate records into your space. In fact, vinyl can really add to the look of your home — whatever your style, there is a smart hack for blending your collection into your decor in a tasteful way. 

We’ll offer 11 ideas to get you started, but first let’s look at safe vinyl record storage for UK homes — so they stay in great condition for years to come.

How to Safely Store Vinyl

Records are beautiful to look at and create a delightful, vibratory sound.

They’re also expensive! So make sure you take good care of your vinyl by following good storage practices.

Keep these tips in mind as you go about deciding on the record vinyl storage method that is best for you. Without further ado, let’s dive in to some fantastic storage design ideas.

11 Genius Vinyl Storage Ideas

Here are 11 great ideas for vinyl storage. Aesthetically pleasing, these solutions will help you really enjoy bringing records into your home. It sure beats keeping them in a box in the garage!

1. The milkcrate

The milkcrate is perhaps the simplest and easiest to implement vinyl storage solution. They look cool, are easy to find, and can be stashed in any corner or table surface in the room. This one is a fancier wood, but plastic works just as well. 

Credit: Huckberry

2. The corner shelf

Maximize LP storage space by taking advantage of the corners of your room. You just need a corner shelving unit like this one from IKEA — and you can store books too!  

Credit: Isabelfields

3. The compact setup

Don’t have a lot of room? This compact setup tidily organises a good number of records with a very space-efficient design. 

Credit: Symbolaudio.com

4. The invisible shelf

Talk about minimalism — this cool design makes it look like the records are floating. The records are definitely the star of the show here, since they’re all you can see.  

Credit: Design Sponge

5. The long and low

Storing your vinyl in long, low book shelves looks great and creates lots of surface space on top where you can put your record player and other items. You can also maximize the wall space on top with artwork.  

Credit: The Vinyl Factory

6. The magazine rack

Not just for waiting rooms, a magazine rack is a cute and efficient way to store your records. 

Credit: urbanoutfitters

7. The bookends 

Want to keep your records on a shelf without them falling over? Simply use bookends to keep your records looking nice in the space you already have. 

Credit: GoShelves

8. The baskets 

Sturdy baskets are another smart way to stash your vinyl LPs. These are tucked nicely beneath a bench, making good use of room space as well. 

Credit: IKEA Hackers

9. The utilitarian

Want something functional and basic? You don’t need to have your records on display to enjoy having them around! This utilitarian design holds a lot of records, so you can grow your collection confident that they won’t clutter up your space. 

Credit: Can-Am Vinyl

10. The old suitcase

A handsome, old suitcase can make a clever bohemian-style vinyl holder. 

Credit: Apartment Therapy

11. The repurposed pallet 

A DIY boho chic option for record storage: pallets. Lean them against the wall or affix them to a wall, there are a lot of ways to get creative and personalise pallet vinyl storage. 

Credit: Take Me To A Bygone Era

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