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What is Spiritual Healing? How to Heal the Spirit at Home

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Give your spirit a vibrational bath — experience daily spiritual healing with some easy at-home practices.
  1. What is Spiritual Healing?
  2. How to Heal the Spirit at Home
  3. Go Deeper

Ever wondered how to get at the more difficult wounds? The ones you can’t see? We all have them. Places where traumas and emotional pains from childhood have stuck. Or maybe they present as unhelpful — or just unnecessary — behavior patterns we were taught by family, religion, and society. Spiritual healing can address all this and more. 

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is a very broad topic and may mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It can be the same thing as energy healing or it might be more psychological. Often it’s a bit of both, but not necessarily.

Think of it like this: spiritual healing is when the spirit gets relief.  Doesn’t that just sound nice? Imagine dipping your spirit into a deep pool of water. It is nice and refreshed after a session. 

The relief can be from thought patterns, emotional states, or even vibrational states. If the healing is vibrational or energetic, you may simply feel lighter, or more relaxed, or more energetic, depending on what took place within your energy body. 

If it’s more phycological, the relief often comes from stepping into a new perspective. You could experience a big “ah ha!” moment as you move through a block and into a new way of seeing. 

Spiritual healing can help when we feel stuck in difficult emotions and negative thought patterns and want to find a way through. 

But spiritual healing is also a way of living. It is not likely going to be a one-time fix. Think of it more as a practice or ritual. 

For example, you brush your teeth daily. You shower a few times a week, at least. You eat to feed your body. In the same way, you can care for your spirit through regular maintenance or “healing” — or self care. 

Let’s talk about a variety of ways that you can care for and heal your spirit at home.

How to Heal the Spirit at Home

There are so many ways to heal your spirit at home. Here are just a few methods that are simple and easy to implement. 

Spend Time In Nature

“Keep close to Nature's heart, yourself; and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

These words were spoken by John Muir, a great American naturalist who knew the absolute significance of nature to the health of the human soul.

There is no healer like nature. Plenty of studies indicate that spending time in nature will help to lower stress and regulate the nervous system, bringing it into a state of calm equilibrium. 

But even without studies, we know that nature awakens a sense of wonder and connection within us. It is easier for the spirit to recognise itself as a part of everything when it is not locked up inside.

If you live in a city, take your spirit out for a walk in the park every day — it will do wonders. Even better if you can get out to the hills, to the forests, to the creeks, and to the sea. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass or sand.

Be open to the subtle shifts. As your nervous system relaxes and your senses awaken to the nurturing smells and feels of nature, your spirit will come out to play.  

Read Poetry

It is said that poetry is the language of the soul. It follows that the spirit responds to the language of poetry — language that is not linear like most texts, but dreamy and symbolic. 

Poetry is a path that lets you step into another world. It can provide expansion and relief when we are stuck.

Given, there are lots of types of poetry, and some kinds are more cerebral. Look for mystical poetry, ecstatic poetry, or nature poetry. These will transport your mind and provide the spirit with some healing nourishment.  

Some poets you should check out who will lift your spirit: Hafiz, Rumi, Saphos, Walt Whitman, Rilke, Emily Dickenson, and Mary Oliver are good places to start. 

Take a Bath

If your spirit is weary, give it a bath. Yes, baths are wonderfully relaxing — and water is also a beautiful conduit for healing the emotional and spiritual world. If you set an intention for your bath, you can take the healing even deeper. 

Your intention can be something you want to release or something you want clarity on, or something you want to call in. Light candles and incense to set the mood and help your mind quiet down. After all, you are not just cleaning your body, but moving into another realm where your spirit can take a deep breath.

If you like, add salts, flowers, or crystals to enhance the healing benefits of your bath.  

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a beautiful practice that works with your energy field, clearing out any heavy vibrations or energetic blocks stuck in your field. It can be helpful to work with an energy healer — someone who practices Reiki, Healing Touch, or another energy system (there are many). 

However, you can also practice energy healing on yourself. Remember, energy flows where your attention goes. Therefore, if you place your hands — or mind — on various parts of your body or chakras, you will naturally send energy there. Here is an at-home Reiki practice you can try out. 

It’s best to ground yourself before beginning, to clear your mind and center your energy. 

To do this, imagine a chord attaching your center to the center of the earth, and breath in the earth’s essence while breathing out your own essence. 

You could also practice an energy moving discipline. Qi gong and tai chi are examples of practices that focus on moving energy. 


Crystals can be powerful allies for spiritual healing. They can enhance your intentions and encourage subtle energetic shifts in your energy field. 

Different crystals have different strengths. If you aren’t sure what kind of crystal you need, a quartz crystal is a good start. Considered a master healer, quartz can assist with anything. 

Try meditating with your crystal while holding your soul’s prayer. Your crystal will give support and amplify your healing. To learn more about crystal work, check out Betterly’s subscription crystal box that dives into the energy of crystals. 

Go Deeper

If you want to go further with your spiritual healing, meditation is another beautiful practice. You can try guided meditation, visualisation, or simply follow your breath.

And if you want to do the really deep spiritual work, you can investigate shadow work and inner child work. You can go on a guided journey or work with a shaman for soul retrieval. The possibilities are truly endless!

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