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A 119 year old

And still starting from scratch.

Betterly - Who we are

We are young, but we do know quite a lot: in fact, we have been around since 1901.

Our know-how is built on the life-long story of De Agostini Publishing, which makes us bold: 

Millions of clients engaged over 100 years of solid experience in building continuity products; entertaining people and keeping them interested in 32 countries around the world; spreading culture and meaningful content through over 350 series of products - which we call journeys. 

Betterly - Who we are

De Agostini success was achieved by expert geographers and publishers, who at first established their reputation in Italy and later exported their unique ability internationally: to lead entire generations in the discovery of maps, history, culture and hobbies; navigating through paper sheets and collecting volumes. De Agostini became leader in making culture accessible to everybody, pop and in snack format, introducing direct business via correspondence, much before the e-commerce.

Issue by issue, people could learn and discover more, deepening their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Betterly is rooted in this legacy of discovery trails, and inherited the art of storytelling from De Agostini, becoming its promising branch. It aims to engage with new generations of adventurers.

Betterly - Who we are Betterly - Who we are

Cultural journeys for curious people, bringing stories that matter to them at their doorstep.

Easy-peasy in a box.

Betterly - Who we are Betterly - Who we are

Betterly came to life in 2018 from the hunches and intuition of two friends: Nicola, a hungry reader who envisioned the future of his family business, foreseeing a new opportunity for his generation surfing the contemporary trends. And Valentina, passionate pioneer of new media landscapes, so fond of creating a bridge between business skills and human hands.

The idea was inspired by their families in their living rooms: a better way of spending free time, with kids and with themselves away from screens and devices - wishing to make this possible for everybody.

Betterly - Who we are Betterly - Who we are

A start-up with
a solid foundation
that gives us confidence.

Yet, we feel that thrill in our entrepreneurs’ hearts that keeps us busy, wondering if what we make with passion will be as exciting for you as it is for ourselves.

Betterly - Who we are

A fast-growing team of visionaries with their feet on the ground
for whom every and single challenge is opportunity for growth.
We hit the ground running, we are hiring talents from different fields and countries.

We are ambitious, we are eager to learn.
What drives us is the strong belief that time is precious.
Our aim is to leave a mark with real experiences, improving society at everyone’s fingertips.

We can’t fit in someone else’s shoes
so we design our own box.

We aren’t challenged by following
hence, we define a new category: Bettertainment.

Betterly - Who we are